Beyond Accounting

Increase Turnover

Easily create workflows that direct sales’ behaviour to increase turnover

Improve margins

Complete control and visibility on production and finance for better flexibility and control over margins

Enhance operational efficiency

Work smarter, not harder with unique featured that streamline your business to be more effective

Why Choose Palladium Accounting?

No data corruption

Stable, secure relational SQL databases means that your data in completely secure and will not be corrupted by unstable technology. Never backup before processing transaction ever again.

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Latest, most secure technology

Palladium Accounting keeps business and client data secure through using the latest technology and the ability to restrict user access to only data that is necessary to their role.

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Tax & Corporate Governance Compliance

Automatically and securely retain financial data to comply with the Companies and Tax acts. Ensure data is secure and accessible to the right users for POPI compliance.

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Flexible Platform

Palladium Accounting is flexible and fits with your business and infrastructure, host your data in the cloud or onsite. It’s your choice.

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No mandatory support fees

Palladium Accounting is affordable and completely transparent; know costs up-front, no mandatory fees, and no forced upgrades.

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