3 Core Values

Our Software Features are developed on 3 core business success values of Increasing Turnover, Optimising Margins, and Improving Operational Efficiency. 


  • Increase Turnover
  • Improve Margins
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency

Palladium Increase Turnover


Inventory Optimization 

Optimize inventory on hand using our Inventory Forecasting and Purchase Order Optimisation with vendor lead-times and safety factors.

upselling NEW


Upsell Related Items with auto-prompting at time of sale.

crates pallets


Manage Crates and Pallet Stock.

delivery maintenance


Customer Delivery Charge Management.

sales quote


Manage and analyse Lost Sales Quotes with Reasons and Values.

attach docs fly


Send Brochures on the Fly with Emailed Sales Documents.


 Insert Item Images, Extended Descriptions and Hyperlinks in documents for a more Professional look.

standard reports


Use Standard Reports to identify customers with reduced sales from one period to another and take proactive action.

stock take


Run Inventory Aging reports and turn slow-moving stocks to revenue rather than write it off at time of stock take.



selling realtime 

Change selling prices real-time by importing vendor Pricelists and applying a margin.

selling prices onthefly


Change Selling Prices on-the-fly at time of receiving inventory, maintaining optimized profit margins.

create Bulk Quote


Create a Bulk Request for Quote for selected items to multiple Vendors to tender on. Capture the best prices and convert to one or more Purchase Orders. 



Use Purchase Order Approvals to manage all Business Purchases.

purchase tolerance


Use the Purchase Price Tolerance to control purchase documents that are outside of the tolerance of the previous purchase price.

manage sales margins


Manage Sales Margins using minimum margin settings by item category and use in-form user approvals for price and discount changes.

user rights 

 Allow for certain users to view the Margins on the Sales Documents real-time against the actual or the last received cost.

create freehand quote


Create freehand Quotes, recording both Sales and Purchase details for Projects or large Tenders and process all Purchase documents simultaneously, maintaining all agreed purchase prices.

trade discount 


Set Maximum Trade Discount Approval Levels By User.

Palladium Enhance Operational Efficiency


host data 

Host your data in the Cloud and remove the need to manage in-house Servers or IT infrastructure.

no cables


Work from anywhere inside or outside the office using our advanced Dynamic Database Connectivity and embedded VPN. No more cables.

no downtime


A Stable Solution means zero downtime or lost revenue through the costs associated with switching to manual solutions.

increase cashflow


Increase Cashflow by sending customer outstanding invoices with Statements.

few clicks


Use Temporary Credit Limits or convert overdue account documents to sales quotes on the fly and convert to Sales Orders in a few clicks.

attach docs fly


View all Customer information from Sales Documents including Open Documents and Available Credit Limits.

process item quantities 

 Process item quantities using Dimensions to eliminate incorrect m2 or m3 calculations. Include packaging factors to recommend the number of boxes for the required meterage.

microsoft BI


Obtain world leading Reporting to mobile devices through Microsoft Power BI from anywhere.

business intelligence


Create your own Pivots and Cubes using Excel and our own Integrated Business Intelligence.

copy documents


Copy documents from all other documents for instant processing.

mapping bankstate


Import Bank Statements and map them to the various accounts on the fly greatly reducing processing time.