Powerful distribution and warehouse management that allows you to Manage bin locations, multiple warehouses, lots, inventory sub-items all from one integrated ERP solution.

Manage Bin Locations

Track stock accurately by managing and maintain bin locations per item per location.

Use Pick Tickets

Use pick tickets to manage picked vs unpicked orders within a warehouse. Easily keep track of split pick ticket printing across warehouses to manage bulk and small pick items on the same order, these items are consolidated at time of delivery.

Manage Customer Delivery Charge Rates

Manage Customer delivery charges by distance to the client, order weight, volumetric weight, number of pallets or a combination of these variables.

Container Item Management

Manage container items and pallets effortlessly, with automated reminders to include a set number of containers per quantity of items.

Create Deliveries from Sales Orders

Create a delivery advice from a sales order, automatically removing goods from the inventory, and easily convert deliveries into a sales invoice.

Create Shipments and Manifests

Create shipments from Invoices and consolidate by customer or delivery route, streamlining the management of invoiced, undelivered goods.

More Features

Accounts Payable

Keep track of bills ensuring debtors are paid on time, reduce admin and improve your cash flow.

SMS Notifications

Send customers marketing messages or use notifications to send payments reminders.


Manage projects with integrated budgeting and invoicing.

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