Palladium Accounting software offers a range of feature-rich Accounting Solutions to suit all types of organisations, ranging from the single user startup business, right through to the larger enterprise. Our single pricing model ensures that clients do not pay hidden costs for additional modules such as Point Of Sale or Project Costing. A familiar interface ensures that the product is easy to learn, ensuring that new clients are fully operational in a limited time period. Our value proposition is in our technology and product stability and is why we are the only company in the world to offer a 3-Year money back guarantee on data corruption.

Our Products Include the following:


Palladium Individual Accounting
This product is a single-user, fully functional application with the Invoicing of Service Items and General Ledger Recovery Accounts with Customers, Vendors and a full General Ledger for the small startup business. Oh and its free of charge!

Palladium Business Basics
The Palladium Business Basics edition is limited to 3 users, and has the features of the Individual Edition with the inclusion of full Inventory, Sales and Purchase Orders, Quotes and Requisitions, Budgeting, Cash Books, Interest Billing, Discounts, Price Lists etc.

Palladium Business
The Palladium Business edition is limited to 10 users, and has the features of the Business Basics Edition with the inclusion of Profit Centres, Manufacturing, Multi-Warehousing and much more.

Palladium Enterprise
The Palladium Enterprise caters for over 500 users and boasts our full Feature-Set from Projects, PoS, Distribution, Credit Note Authorisations, Document Copy Functionality, Multi-Currency and much more.


Remote Sales Module (RST)
The Palladium Remote Sales Module allows remote users Create Customers, Sales Orders and Return Requests, with the ability to Synchronise this with Head Office when required for easy conversion to a customer Invoice. In addition selected Customers can be synchronised, limiting specific access per remote sales person.

Bulk SMS Module
The Palladium SMS module is integrated in the Palladium application and is also available as a stand-alone module. This module can be integrated to any Database and is offered to our customers free of charge. All you have to do to get started is to purchase an SMS bundle and take it from there.

Accounting Server Utility
The application includes tools for local and/or remote backups, tools for the administration of SQL Server database, and the sample data installation. This system is optional for all versions of Palladium Accounting. The installation must be on the same computer where you installed your choice of the SQL Server Database. Palladium Server is completely free to use with any licensed Palladium Accounting package.


Product Features – Click here for a detailed overview of our advanced product features.
Palladium Accounting Software Comparative Table – Review this table to select the product that best suits your feature requirements and budget.



Palladium Accounting Licencing & Activation

  • Palladium Accounting is licenced and activated per computer. For purposes of licencing, a user is considered to be a single computer. A licence must be purchased for each computer using Palladium Accounting.
  • Multiple sites may share the same Palladium licence key, and qualify for quantity licence discounts if all sites covered under the licence belong to the same legal entity. This paragraph is used for discount purposes only and in no way effects the requirement to have a unique licence per computer.
  • Each copy of Palladium Accounting must be activated via our web activation server, or over the telephone with your authorised Palladium reseller or Palladium Accounting directly.
  • Palladium reserves the right to charge a fee for all requests to release activations due to (but not limited to) moving a licence from one computer to another, or the loss of a computer though theft or retirement.
  • Palladium reserves the right to refuse to release activations for any reason.
  • Phone activation applies to paid versions only. All free versions of Palladium Accounting must be activated electronically over the internet.
  • Software lease agreements must be activated and maintained electronically over the internet.