If your business is using Outdated (Legacy) Software it’s not a question of IF you should move, but WHEN. And the longer you wait the more you put your business at risk!




Information Retention

The Companies Act requires businesses to Store Records for 7 years and SARS (South African Revenue Services) for 5 years.

Outdated Software Palladium Accounting
Generally only store data for limited periods due to Simple File Database structures. Palladium stores data history for life ensuring access to data when you need it.

Security of Information

You are required to safely secure Customer and Vendor information in terms of the POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act.

Outdated Software Palladium Accounting
Legacy software databases have limited data security with users requiring Administrator access to the files giving them unlimited access to the information. Palladium MS SQL database has unparalleled security with users not having any access to the raw database tables.



Corporate Governance

You need to ensure that the Programming Language used to develop your Software is still current and maintained by the Architect.

Outdated Software Palladium Accounting
A number of legacy software, such as Pastel Partner, was developed using the Visual Basic programming language where support was discontinued by Microsoft on the 31 March 2005. Is developed in C#, using the latest versions of the Microsoft Visual Studio application.

If your system recommends that you perform a backup before updating transactions – you know its unstable!


Legacy Software Palladium


Legacy Software is generally developed on flat0file technology and is susceptible to data corruptions.


Palladium uses state of the art MS SQL databases with full roll-back capabilities ensuring corruption-free processing.

Data corruption costs companies tens of thousands of rands in lost productivity and costs associated with manual systems and also exposes them to theft and corruption.  

Requires Additional Hardware

The instability forces users to use a network cable and have UPS’s on each terminal.

No Addition Hardware Required

Supports wireless networking with no UPS’s required through data roll-backs.

No Remote Connectivity

No remote connectivity means that users are limited to local area network connections or connect remotely through the use of 3rd party software.

Embedded VPN Connectivity

Our embedded VPN connectivity means you can connect securely from home or connect to other Palladium databases without any 3rd part software.

No Cloud Offering

Does not support cloud hosting or wide-area connectivity.


Full Cloud Offering

Palladium offers a full cloud solution ensuring full user mobility.

Stop putting your business and data at risk, move to Palladium today.

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