Why Use Palladium

Palladium is arguably the fastest growing accounting software in South Africa. Here's why:


Big Business Functionality

Palladium offers Small Businesses "Big Business Functionality", bridging the gap between SME and ERP systems without compromising on ease of use. To see the features available in the Palladium Enterprise version click here.


Single Pricing Model

With Palladium Accounting’s single pricing model, you do not have to purchase each and every new feature as your business expands. Our Enterprise version incorporates all modules including an advanced PoS, as well as a Projects and SMS module. To view our complete Pricelists click here.


Solid Stability

Palladium Accounting’s solid stability means that your business maintains maximum up-time all the time. No data corruptions mean no downtime resulting in no additional consulting costs, no lost staff productivity and no theft or duplicate costs from switching to and from manual systems. Our Dynamic Connectivity means that you don't need additional hardware such as UPS's at each terminal.


On-Demand Database Connectivity

Never lose your work to power surges or unstable networks again! Our system has been designed to ensure that these inevitable issues never negatively impact our clients. It will simply just update once it is back online, hassle free.


UpSell Functionality

With Palladium's UpSell functionality your staff can be prompted to offer a complementary or related product to a customer at time of sale or enquiry. In addition to this, users can view customer or supplier transactional history for quick-reference at time of sale or order giving your sales staff unsurpassed information at time of sale. For more information click here.


Microsoft Certified

Our Microsoft Certified Technology coupled with our optimisation of the MS SQL Database provides the optimal repository for your business data. In addition to this, Palladium has integrated VPN functionality allowing it to run extremely effectively over wide area networks with no difference in interface or user experience.


Easy-To-Use Interface

Palladium's easy to use interface allows clients to get their businesses up and running in no time.


Cloud Data Hosting

With our Data Hosting option you can do away with file servers, eliminate the need to purchase software like the MS SQL database or even worry about backups, allowing you to focus your efforts on your business. All for a nominal monthly or annual fee. To find out more about our data hosting click here.