Testimonials Archive

Testimonials Archive

Irma Oosthuizen

“We recommend Palladium to all our clients because it’s easy to use, has powerful features and is very stable. Most clients are up and running within 2 days. As Accountants, we can log into each clients system through Palladium’s VPN in a matter of seconds, check the monthly accounts, do the monthly journals and run VAT reports without leaving our office. What a pleasure!”

Banie Schoeman

“We just want to thank you for your help and efforts that you and your team put into the scanner system. We had a very successful trade fair and managed to scan and process over 880 orders in 4 days. It was the smoothest process ever, since we started scanning orders at trade shows over 20 years ago, and our first using Palladium.”

Jaco Swanepoel

“We’ve had Palladium for just over 3 years. It is user friendly and the training of staff is easy. Our system has been corruption free since inception despite processing about 12 000 transactions per month.”

Dirk du P. Jonker

“After considering all the alternatives in the market, we decided on Palladium. We haven’t looked back once. The system impresses on the following criteria: User friendly interface, Stability, Reporting, Customization, Flexibility. You won’t regret choosing Palladium.”

JP Stroebel

“Thank you Palladium Accounting for removing the frustration out of the financial side of my business. I have tried and tested every one of the popular accounting packages and have found that Palladium Accounting is by far the leader. I can now focus more on my business knowing that I have the best and most stable accounting package supporting me. Palladium Accounting’s ease of use and friendly user interface makes it pure bliss to use.”

Deon van Deventer

“After extensive research for something to replace our MYOB package we found Palladium to be the closest fit from a functionality and ease of use point of view. We have extensive reporting requirements, and find the support and development from Palladium exceptional and professional. Switching to Palladium has increased the capabilities of my company, and the management tools and reports are effective and comprehensive.”

Lauren Jardien

“As a leading incentive house, we depend heavily on the stability and reliability of an accounting system to meet our daily financial reporting needs with ease and flexibility, providing us with a holistic overview of our business. Palladium has been an excellent partner to this end and we look forward to further system enhancements.”

Ryan Duncan

“Since we implemented Palladium into our company we have streamlined our accounting process and have experienced superb service over and above that which one expects. So far Palladium and their sales force has exceeded my expectations and have provided my company with the boost and ease it needed to do our work effortlessly. Thank you for the continued outstanding service offered!”