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SUP205 – Year-End Guide

Financial Year-End is an important period in your company, and we realize that it can be overwhelming due to the pressure of ensuring that your accounts are all up to date, correct, and in time for the auditors. This guide will assist you in preparing for a successful year-end. If you need help, our Palladium support team is available to assist and advise you, *provided that your company is on a current Support or Maintenance Contract. That the process itself performs very few processes and should not take longer than a minute or so to run. If you feel that the system hasn’t run – please check the system dates before re-running to ensure that the process is not duplicated.

Please note that although the system prevents year-end processes, should you not have sufficient time to investigate these imbalances, we suggest processing a journal to balance the accounts as this can be adjusted or even reversed, after the year-end process.

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SUP204 – Adding Custom Reports

Setting Up Custom Reports

Palladium has the facility for you to add any additional reports that you may require for the day to day running of your business. Once you identify any reports that you may require that are not there on the system, let us know and we can develop the reports for you and set them up on your system under the respective modules.

Below is an illustration of the use of the Custom Reports function to add externally developed reports on Palladium. Fill in the name and the description of the report and specify which module the report falls under and browse through to the location where your report is saved.

Custom Reports

Once the report has been added, it will now be available on the reports list for the selected module under the Custom Reports section.