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Perhaps the single biggest prohibitor to any company changing systems is the inability to take data with them and also the risk associated with ensuring the correct opening balances have been brought forward from your previous system. To circumvent this, Palladium offers a comprehensive data conversion tool that allows for seamless data conversion from your Sage Pastel Partner or Sage Evolution to Palladium, alleviating the need for any manual imports.

What Gets Converted?


  • General Ledger Accounts
  • Customer Accounts and Delivery Addresses
  • Customer, Supplier and Inventory Categories
  • Suppliers Accounts and Delivery Addresses
  • Salesperson Details
  • Tax codes and Setup
  • Inventory Item Masterfiles and Locations (Warehouses)
  • Multi-Currency Setups
  • Project Masterfiles
  • Manufacturing BOM’s
  • Cash Books

Opening Balances

  • General Ledger Account Balances
  • Customer Account Open Items
  • Suppliers Account Open Items
  • Inventory Item Opening Quantities and Values
  • Cash Book Local and Foreign Balances


  • All General Ledger Journals for the current year
  • Full Customer Sales History and
  • Full Supplier Purchase History

See How Easy it is to Convert Your Data

Please watch the following video and see how easy it is to convert years and years of your key business information to Palladium in under 15 minutes. Less time that it will take you to finish your coffee!

Manual File Import

For those clients that are not using Sage Partner or Sage Evolution will still be able to convert their data to Palladium by using our manual import function that is found in the Control Panel. This function allows you to convert all Masterfiles and take-on balances as we do with the standard Conversion however, we do not import Sales and Purchase history.

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