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SUP201 – Credit Control & SMS

Credit Control / Debt Collection

Palladium has the facility for you to remind your customers when their accounts become overdue and also send out demand and legal letters when necessary to defaulting customers. The Collection Letters function is accessible through the Accounts Receivable menu and the following window will be displayed. All you will then need to do is to select which clients you want to send the letters to. Note that this function could also be used to send our marketing letters to clients.
The templates for these letters are fully customizable and we can customize them according to your requirements. Below is a sample demand letter :

SMS Statements

You can also send out statements to clients via SMS and use the SMS functionality to market to clients.
The functions above are explained as follows:
  •  Message – this feature allows you to authorise the sent messages and also access customer replies.
  •  Reminders – Set reminders and receive SMS notifications on the due date.
  •  Marketing – this allows you to send messages to selected customers with advanced filtering using the Customer User-Defined fields.
  •  Debt Collection – this allows you to send overdue account reminders to selected clients.
  • Send Bulk – this feature allows you to send bulk messages from your outlook contacts or from an excel spreadsheet.
  •  Credits – this feature checks the available SMS credits you have.

General Note

Remember that you can also set standard SMS messages to be sent for orders and/or invoices processed on the system.

These messages are first sent to the Messages function for pre-approval.

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