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The focus on these features is for users to work smarter not harder, and make common-sense features more common.

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Spend Less on Infrastructure

Save thousands and host your data in the Cloud, removing the need to manage in-house Servers or any IT infrastructure.

Connect From Anywhere

Work from anywhere inside or outside the office using our advanced Dynamic Database Connectivity and embedded VPN. No more cables to tie you down.

Enhanced Cashflow

Increase Cashflow and efficiency by sending copies of outstanding Customer Invoices with emailed Statements.

Faster Sales Processes

Use Temporary Credit Limits or convert Overdue account Sales Documents to Sales Quotes on the fly then convert to Sales Orders in a few clicks once the Customer account is in good standing.

Centralised Customer Information

View all Customer information directly within your Sales processing Documents, including other Open Documents and Available Credit Limits etc.

Eliminate Item Quantities Errors

Process item quantities using Dimensions to eliminate incorrect m2 or m3 calculations. Include packaging, or box, factors to recommend the number of boxes for the required meterage.

Powerful Business Insights

Obtain world leading Reporting to mobile devices through Microsoft Power BI from anywhere, anytime.

Integrated Reporting

Create your own Pivot tables and Cubes using Excel and our own Integrated Business Intelligence.

Easy Document Creation

An advanced document copy function allows you to Copy Sales and Purchase Documents from all other Documents for instant processing. Create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order linking full Customer details at time of Inventory Receiving.

Quick Bank Statement Mapping

Import Bank Statements automatically and map the various transactions to the related Customer, Vendor or General Ledger accounts on the fly, greatly reducing your processing time.

Document Adjustment Traceability

Track all changes to Processing Documents such as Sales Orders, with colour coding for new lines, deleted lines and line quantity and value changes.

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