General Ledger Features - Palladium

Bring your financial information together in Palladium’s General Ledger (GL). The GL  gives you instant access to financial data with comprehensive and flexible reporting.

Segmented General Ledger

Bring your financial information together in Palladium Accounting’s General Ledger (GL). The GL gives you instant access to financial data with comprehensive and flexible reporting and analysis of ledger accounts, income, expenses, and assets.

With Palladium, segment your General Ledger to up to 10 levels with multiple dimensional reporting. Segmented GL is ideal for businesses with branches, departments, cost centre or fund reporting.

Preview Financials (Available in Palladium Premium)

Preview the effects of your General Ledger journal on your Financial Reports before recording.

GL Line Attachments(Available in Palladium Premium)

Attach documents at line level when creating journals.

Save Journals (Available in Palladium Premium)

You can now save journals before updating for later recall with a Verified checkbox per line that acts as a placeholder for verified journal lines.

Reversing of Journals (Available in Palladium Premium)

You can set a Journal as a Reversing Journal with a defined reversing date and have the ability to process the reversing journal when required.

Journal Formulas (Available in Palladium Premium)

Enter formulas rather than values to create the debit or credit journal values, with these being saved as a further audit trail for verification purposes.

Powerful General Ledger & User-Account Security

Our General Ledger caters for Main and Sub-Accounts as well as full departments or branches and also has full cost centre allocations for a complete multi-dimensional reporting view of your business. In addition each General Ledger Account has the option to be Reconciled for accounts such as provisions or accruals with user account security set per General Ledger Account. This roll-up security feature even stops staff from invoicing items whose sales or cost accounts are disallowed at General Ledger level.

General Ledger – Subsidiary Ledger

The subsidiary ledger feature allows you to maintain certain information relevant to a specific account. For example, it could be used for audit schedules for “reconciled” accounts or simply a list of Fixed Assets such as Motor Vehicles. Because of its free format, the Subsidiary Ledger sits “outside” the standard General Ledger and has no financial transactional bearing on the system.

Financial Budgets Throughout

Palladium Accounting caters for budgeting in all facets of the application including General Ledger, Departments/Branches, Profit Centres, Customers, Vendors and Even Inventory and Service Items giving you the ability to measure your performance throughout the system.

Manage Projects

Create and manage projects with completely integrated budgeting and invoicing, ensuring that Create Project with budgets and be able to assign all transactions to a project from Bids and Tenders (quotations) through to invoices with over and under reporting on Revenue and Costs.

Process Point of Sale Transactions

Take control over your Point of Sales (POS) truncations through POS management. Assign Cash drawers and floats to Cashiers and prompt for Cash-Drops once a set value of cash is received. You can also set management approvals for overrides and cash-up on closing the till.

SMS Notifications

Integrated SMS Notifications allows you to harness the power of SMS messages for marketing or communicating overdue balances to customers.

More Features

Fixed Assets

Get control over assets and manage deprecations.

SMS Notifications

Send customers marketing messages or use notifications to send payments reminders.


Manage projects with integrated budgeting and invoicing.