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The more efficiently a company can procure its products and streamline operations, the more competitively it will be able to sell items and stay in business.

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Proactive Margin Control

Change selling prices proactively by importing your Vendor Pricelists, applying a margin and updating the selling prices accordingly.

Dynamic Customer Pricing

Change Selling Prices on-the-fly at time of receiving inventory, ensuring that profit margins are maintained. You can also set this to only change selling prices where prices have increased, optimising margins where prices have come down.

Faster RFQs

Create a Bulk Request for Quote for selected items and distribute this to multiple Vendors to tender on. Then Capture the best prices and convert this to one or more Purchase Quotes or Orders, grouped by Vendor.

Purchase Order Approvals

Our multi-level Purchase Order Approval function allows you or selected employees to approve all your business purchases, either on your PC or on your mobile phone.

Purchase Price Tolerance

Use the Purchase Price Tolerance function to control Purchase Documents that are outside of the set tolerance of the previous Purchase Price with a management authorisation for approval overrides.

Manage Minimum Margins in Real-time

Manage Sales Margins using a Minimum Margin setting by Item Category, and use in-form User Approvals for Price and Discount changes.

View Margins dynamically on Sales Documents

Allow for certain users to view the Margins on the Sales Documents real-time against the actual cost, standard cost or the last received cost.

Use Freehand Quotes For Tenders

Create freehand Quotes, recording both Sales and Purchase details for Projects or large Tenders and process all Purchase documents simultaneously, maintaining all agreed purchase prices.

Control Discounts

Set Maximum Trade Discount Approval Levels By User.

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