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Your software needs to be able to direct your salespersons’ behaviour to increase company turnover and ensure that processes are not overlooked.

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Quick Overview

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Smart Upselling

Upsell Related Items with the option to auto-prompt at time of sale. This way you can ensure that your Sales team are prompted to recommend complementary items to your clients.

Container Allocation

Manage Crates and Pallet Inventories using our Container Items function. Simply set the number of items will fit into a Container and the system will make sure that the correct number of Containers are recommended at time of selling the contained item.

Streamlined Deliveries

Charge for Deliveries to Customers by Weight, Volumetric, Distance to the Customer, number of Items, number of Pallets or a combination thereof. We can also integrate directly into selected Courier companies to eliminate the recapture of Waybills.

Control Lost Sales

Manage and analyse Lost Sales Quotes with defined Reason Codes per order, allowing you to analyse the real “Opportunity Cost” of running your business, allowing you to take corrective action more proactively.

Integrated Document Management

Send Brochures on the Fly with Emailed Sales Documents, ensuring that your client has all the relevant Information on the products and will be able to make a more informed decision.

Professional Looking Sales Documents

Include Item Images, Extended Descriptions and Hyperlinks in all your Sales Documents for a more Professional look.

Identify Decreased Sales Fast

Use our Standard Reports to identify customers with Reduced Sales from one period to another, allowing you to take proactive action.

Optimize Stock & Turn it into Sales

Run Inventory Aging Reports at any day in history, and turn slow-moving stocks to Revenue rather than write them off at time of stock take.

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