Mobile Sales & Warehouse Management (WMS) App

Palladium Mobile Sales and Warehousing (WMS) App is an Android, Windows UWP and iOS-based app that provides the ability for sales teams to connect to live data on the road to generate Sales Orders and Sales Quotes or to check inventory availability. It helps enhance enterprise mobility and productivity of sales representatives during customer visits and provide executives with critical insights into the sales process through better planning and tracking.

The warehousing component (WMS) provides for a complete end-to-end function from Goods receiving through to Delivery Advices and even POD gathering.

This is the most comprehensive mobile app available that is built to add value to your business. It is built in line with our ethos of constantly developing feature-rich solutions and revolves around our three core principles of increasing turnover, improving margins, and enhancing operational efficiency.

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Features Include

Mobile Warehouse Management

icon 0002 Inventory Repackaging

Stock Count

Conduct stock takes, either by scanning inventory or by manually entering quantities

icon 0002 Inventory Repackaging

BIN Transfers

Move inventory to different bins to optimise your warehouse space.

delivery advice

Put Aways Process

Put-Aways for previous GRV’s into the correct stocking bins.

icon 0006 Segmented General Ledger

POD Management

Manage POD’s either as a scan verification on the invoice to make sure items are not leaving the store multiple times on the same document or take a picture of the delivery document and upload to Palladium.

clock in functionality

Delivery Advices

Process delivery advices from open sales orders or picked items to ensure accuracy at your dispatch area.

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Warehouse Transfers

Move inventory across different warehouses. from the device.

icon 0002 Inventory Repackaging


Receive Inventory into a receiving area from the mobile device with full scanning authentication to eliminate errors.

icon 0024 Use Pick Tickets

Stock Pick

Process Pick Tickets with the system transferring to the Picked location on completion.

icon 0006 Segmented General Ledger

Inventory Enquiries

Process inventory enquiries at any time, by item, location, or bin.

Mobile Sales

POD approvals

Sign to Glass Technology

Capture customer signatures on Sales Orders, Freehand Quotes, Quotes and Proof Of Delivery with Sign to Glass technology, allowing your sales team to get approved orders and quotes on the road.

icon 0000 SMS Notifications

Inventory Enquiries

Have a real-time view of on-hand inventories by item, location and even bin.

crm activities

CRM Activities

Process CRM activities with live updates directly to your Palladium Calendar. Add/ Update customer information.

icon 0000 Freehand Quotes and Tenders

Sales Quotes & Orders

Generate sales quotes, freehand quotes and orders on the go while being connected to live data. Email quotes or orders from the device. Allow customers to “sign to glass” with the signature being embedded on the order for future reference.


PoS Price Approval Push Notifications

Receive POS price changes using push notifications, alleviating the need to go to the PoS Terminal.


real time geotracking

GPS Tracking

Activate GPS tracking on your salespersons’ devices and monitor their live locations or view their tracking history with the system recording the coordinates on google maps.

clock in functionality

Clock in/ Clock out Function 

Allows sales teams to clock in and out on their mobile devices.


POD Management

Manage POD’s either as a scan verification on the invoice to make sure items aren’t leaving the store multiple times on the same document, or take a picture of the delivery document and upload it to Palladium.

icon 0000 Freehand Quotes and Tenders

Performance Dashboards

View BI dashboards for up-to-date reports on sales.

icon 0006 Segmented General Ledger

Purchase Order and Requisition Approvals

Approve Purchase Orders and Inventory Requisitions on the go.

Why Palladium Mobile Sales?

Business Growth

Palladium Mobile Sales delivers increased productivity, cost savings, real-time visibility, and powerful digital data capturing to invoice accurately and get paid faster.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction with real-time visibility, reduced quoting and invoicing delays therefore providing shorter execution times and delivering superior customer experience consistently.

Improved Efficiency

Reduces time spent on repetitive admin tasks, minimizes data entry for reps and their managers, allows for real-time reporting for sales teams, warehousing and management.

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