Multi-Level Inventory Categories - Palladium

SUP201 – Multi-Level Inventory Categories


We have added another 2 levels of Item Category (to 3) in order to facilitate the Inventory Search and reporting functions in the Palladium Enterprise and Palladium Premium editions. This function is available on all Inventory search functions throughout the application and has also been added to the offline PoS module that is available in the Palladium Enterprise Edition only.


From a processing point of view, you can simply select the category selection below and the system will cascade your selections right down to the last level. Not all levels are mandatory giving the flexibility for you to only see the levels that are optimal for your business.

This functionality has also been incorporated into the Point of Sale and new Offline Point of Sale modules.


All these additional fields have been added to the Business Intelligence cubes, allowing you to slice and dice the data as required. You can also start to compare your sales mix across years or months. using a dimension for say bottle size would allow you to view your sales mix of 340ml vs 500ml at a glance.