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Palladium Alerts For Palladium Premium

The Palladium Alerts module is available to all users of the Palladium Premium solution and is designed to create Automated “Exception or Personalised” Reports or Instant notifications to all stakeholders in your business from staff to Customers and Suppliers.

What It Does

Palladium Alerts is your own 24/7 Internal Auditor, by creating an automated, centralised communication hub that monitors core processes, functions and balances within your Palladium ERP system, looking for specified conditions or exceptions that may occur, then simply reporting on these to the relevant employees, customers or even suppliers via Email or SMS, optimising efficiencies, communications and processes all around.

Examples Of Standard Alerts


  • Send a Sales Summary report to Management on the daily and month to date performance.
  • Send a list of Credit notes Generated for the day or credit notes over a certain value.
  • Notify management on Key customer performance.
  • Notify on out of stock items with open sales orders.

Accounts Receivable

  • Notify customers daily, weekly or monthly of overdue accounts.
  • Send weekly statements to customers
  • Notify customers or internal staff, of customers who are nearing their credit limit.
  • Generate daily, weekly or monthly Excel, PDF or Dashboard reports that are sent to staff via email to show customer sales.
  • Notify when customer credit limits are amended.
  • Send sales reports automatically to sales reps and sales managers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to show year on year and actual against targets.

Purchasing and Receiving

  • Create an alert to notify staff when the price on a Purchase Order is greater or lower than the price on the supplier invoice.
  • Report on partially received orders.
  • Alert staff of any changes or amendments to any Purchasing Documents such as POs or Supplier Invoices.


  • Create an alert that sends internal staff an Excel or PDF report via email when inventory on hand reaches minimum order levels.
  • Send an alert to staff when new inventory is being purchased but there already is sufficient quantity on hand.
  • Notify staff when inventory items are sold below a defined minimum GP.