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Data Hosting Option Available
Data StorageMS SQL (Any)MS SQL (Any)
Flexible Pricing Models - Monthly Subscription/Purchase
Microsoft Compliant and Certified Software (Windows 7, 8, 10)
MS SQL Server 2016 Express Included at No Charge
Maximum Database Size****
Number of UsersUp to 10Up to 500
TechnologyMS .Net 4MS .Net 4
Mail or Export Reports Directly in Excel, Word or PDF
System Data History Retention & Reporting
32- or 64-bit Compatibility
Access Data on Remote Computer/Server
Work Remotely with Embedded VPN
Number of Companies
Number of Financial Years
Dynamic Reconnection to Database
Full Transactional Database Processing
Set Earliest Transaction Date
Post in Previous Financial Period
Full Audit Trail/Double Entry System
Clear Data Function
Attach Company Logo to Processing Documents
User-Defined Optional Fields
Optional User-Defined Fields on Documents
User Level Security by Feature and Function
User Access Rights per Report, GL, Warehouse, Vendor, Item CategoryGL Account Only
View the User who Created and GL Journal on Processing Documents
User Task Function with User Statistics
Lock Closed Financial Periods
Attach Files to all Mastefiles and Processing Documents
Archive Data
Data Conversion from Simply Accounting (Masterfiles)
Data Conversion from Pastel Partner
Business Intelligence OLAP Functionality
Report Drill Down to Source Document Processing Screens
File Storage Directly Inside Company
Customisable Field Re-Naming Conventions
Integrated SMS Marketing & Collections
Batch Printing and Emailing Function
General Ledger
General Ledger (full financial reporting)
Financial Reporting History for Life
Multi-Company Reporting Tool (Consolidations)
Account Sets (Stock Control Groups)
Journal Entry
Sundry Receipts and Payments Journals
Integrated SMS Marketing & Collections
Post/Save/Recall/Amend Journal Entries
Bank (Cash Book) Reconciliation
Budget Ledger Accounts
General Ledger Account User Access Security
Enter Cash Deposit Slips
Industry Specific Account Templates
Third Party Payroll Imports
Multicurrency (Accounts/Transactions)
Subsidiary Ledger
Departmental Accounting with Budgeting
Profit Centre Accounting & Budgeting with Profit Centre Template Allocations
Profit Centre Template Allocations
Accounts Payable
Number of Vendors (suppliers)
Purchase invoices
Purchase Orders/Requisitions (or Quotes)
Purchase Order Approval/Aythorisation Funtionality
Payments Facility with Pre-Payments
Vendor Payment Pre-Approvals
Invoice Inventory Items, Service Items, GL Codes
Multiple Delivery Locations
Secure Save/Recall/Amend Purchase Invoices
Bookmark Documents for Easy Recall & Copy
View and Copy Full History Between Documents
Inline Spell Check on Documents
User-Defined Dynamic Document Status Types
Vendor Terms
Create Purchase Order from Sales Order(s) "Copy" and Trace through to Receiving
Convert Multiple Goods Received or Purchase Orders to One Vendor Invoice
Additional Cost Accrual (Landed Cost)
Bulk Reorder Form from Reorder Quantities
Print Vendor Purchase Docs using Item Codes and Descriptions
View Full Supplier Purchase History
Automatic Debit Note (Returns) Facility
Apply Discounts Automatically
Advanced Order Form to Aid Stock Purchasing
Warehouse Integration
Allocate Transactions to Centres (Job Costing)
Keep Track of Backorders
BI Style Payables Accounts Browser & Analysis
Automated Tax Payment Facility
Comprehensive Terms System at Document Level
Optional Document Fields to Fit Any Business
Optional Document Fields at Header and Line Level
Unlimited Vendor Prices with Warranties & Estimated Landed Costing
Bulk Request for Quote (RFQ) Functionality
Set Allowable Price Variances (Increases) & Drill Down to Previous Purchases
Accounts Recievable
Number of Customers
Sales Invoices & Delivery Notes
Sales Orders & Quotes
Business Intelligence Sales Reporting
Freehand Quotes
User Approvals on Freehand Quotes
Create Purchase & Sales Documents on The Fly
Multiple Shipping / Delivery Locations
Create Delivery Routes & Assign Deliveries to Drivers/Vehicles with Full Manifest Printing
Receipts Facility with Deposits
Set Unlimited Upsell Items with Screen Alerts/POPs
Save / Amend / Recall Invoices with Audit Trail
View Full Sales & Order History from all Processing Documents & Copy Required Info to Current Document
Bookmark Documents for Easy Recall or Copy
Print Delivery Note
Inline Spellcheck on Documents
Control Cancelled Customer Orders with Full Reason Codes & Manager
Link Customers to Unlimited Pricelists
Change Customer Pricelists on Stock Recieving/Manufacturing on Pre-Defined Stock Group Mark-Ups
Link Customers to Sales Persons
Link Customers to Sales Persons
Customer Terms / Credit Control & Adjust as Document Cover
Hire Purchase (HP) Terms with Contract Creation and Printing
Set Backorder Rules per Customer to Allow/Warn/Block
Attach Due Invoices with Email Statements
Keep Track of Sales Persons & Targets
Recurring Invoices (Contract Billing)
Sales Person Recording at Document Header or Document Line Level
Recall Sales Invoices in Bulk (Recurring)
Automatic Credit Note Facility from Invoice
Credit Note Authorisation and Return Reasons
Bookmark Documents for easy Recall or Copy
Customer Item Discounts (Discount Pricing Matrix)
Apply Payment Discounts Automatically
Warehouse Integration
Allocate Transactions to Departments & Profit Centres
Allocate Invoices, Order & Quotes to Projects
Keep Track of Customer Backorders
User Security Per Customer Category
Cycle Billing (Subscription / Repetitive Billing)
Interest Billing (Overdue Accounts)
Recievables Account Browsers with BI & Excel Integration
Process Invoices Remotely (Remote Sales Terminal)Yes***
Comprehensive Terms System at Document Level
Optional Document Fields to Fit Any Business
Optional Document Fields at Header and Line Level
Sales "in-Document" Price-Override Processing Authorisation Options with Override Reason Codes
Document Validations for Blank or Duplicate Reference Fields
Document Validations for Blank Departments or Sales Representative Fields
Allow for Multiple Tender Types or Payment Splits on Customer Invoicing for Accurate Cash Control
Display Unshipped or Open Quantity Field Added to Sales Orders
Convert Multiple Sales Orders to One Invoice
Create Deliveries from Sales Orders then Convert to Invoices
Optionally View GPs within the Sales Documents at time of Processing
Maintain Minimum GPs by Item Category
Optionally Convert Sales Orders to Sales Quotes on Overdue or over Credit Limit Customers
Maintain Temporary Customer Credit Limits
Unique Sales Form Layouts Per Customer
National Account Management
Invoice Customers Using their Codes
Display Item Weights on Sales Documents
Attach Item Documents on the Fly with Emailed Sales Statements
Open Order Cancellation Management
Set Delivery Charges Automatically
Inventory & Manufacturing
Maintain Inventory & Service Items
Inventory Buyouts
Inventory Categories
Buy & Stock in Different Units & Conversions
Sell & Stock In Different Units & Conversions
Complete Serial Number and LOT or Batch Tracking
User Security Per Inventory Location & Inventory Category
Vendor Lead Times & Days on Hand for Inventory Management
Business Intelligence Inventory Reporting
Complete Serial Number Tracking with Serial Number Profiles for Optimal Control
Maintain Up-Sell Items with Optimal Screen Pop Notifications
Optional Item Segmentation & Item Create Numbering Conversions
Link Items to Multiple Vendors with Warranties & Vendor Item Details & Descriptions
Item Copy/Create Function
Process using two or more Item Dimensions or Factors for Box Sizes to squared metres
Extended Inventory Descriptions
Insert Item Images on all Purchases & Sales Processing Documents such as Sales Orders
Unlimited Price Lists for Items
Set Reorder Points With Inventory Forecasting for Automatic Updating based on Sales
Fully Barcode Enabled
Print Stock Lables with Barcodes
Inventory Adjustments
Internal Requisitions & Issues
Multi-Location (Warehouse) Inventory with Stock, Transit and Repair Warehouses with Transfers
Define Warehouse Processing Rules for Receiving, Sales and/or Customer Returns
Define User Warehouse Access Securities
Bill of Materials/Auto Kitting
Assembly - Assemble Multiple Finished Goods or By-Products
Assembly - Create Work Order and Print Master Material Requirements
Assembly - View Production Schedule
Stock Count/Stock Count w/Data Terminal
Inventory Masterfile Optional Fields
Set Container Items to be Added Per Multiple of the Primary Item
Manufacture to and Issue from Different Inventory Warehouses
Full Bill of Materials Management with Revision Management
Manufacturing - Manage Full Work in Progress
Manufacturing - Use Work Centres with Inventory, Machine, Labour & Overhead Issues
Warehousing & Distribution
Maintain Unlimited Warehouses with User Access Security & Warehouse Types & Processing Rules
GRV Function to Receive Stock at Warehouse with Full Label Printing
360 Degree Pick Tickets Function to Dispatch Orders with Pick Ticket Splitting Per Location
Shipping & Manifest Functions
Create Delivery Routes/Vehicles & Drivers with Full Delivery Planning, Consolidations & Packing Order
Full Warehousing w/Windows CE Devices
Security to Optionally Allow Over Receiving
Security to Optionally Allow Under Deliveries or Vendor Backorders
Optionally allow for Blind Goods Receiving, with a Default Receive Quantity as 1, or set Quantity to default as the Open Order Quantity.
Project Tracking
Create Projects with Full Project Budgeting
Manage Payment Schedules & Project Logs
Assign Unlimited Projects Contacts, Contact Details & Designations
Report on Progress and Profitability by Both Costs & Quantities
Attach all Documents to the Project for Completeness
Point of Sale
Manage Cashiers, Assigning Drawers & Floats
Cater for Account Payments & Multiple or Split Tender Types
Integratied Point of Sale (POS) System with Price & Weight-Embedded Barcoding
Complete User Security & Management Authorisations with On-Screen Approvals
Create Unique Pole-Display Messaging
Full Document Rounding & Discontinued Coins
Cash Security with Safe Warning Drops
Sales Orders & Quote Processing
Number of Reports130+180+
Run Reports on Any Day(s) or Over Any Period in History
Drill Down on Grids to Source Document
Aging in Days or Calendar Periods
Quick View Customer & Supplier Aging Totals with Drill Down Capabilities
Business Intelligence Drag & Drop Enquiries with Dynamic Excel Integration
Customised Forms Locations for Document By User to a Predefined Printer Per Document Type
Customizable Forms
Multi-Company Reporting Tool (Consolidations)
Batch Printing/Batch Emailing
Add Custom Reports to Palladium Menu System
Dynamic Balance B/F or Open Item Customer Statement Reporting Option
Email or Export all Reports Directly to MS Office
Trends Reports & Graphs in Modules
Quick Journal Entry Report on all Processing Documents to View Transaction
View the User who Created the Document on All Processing Documents
Quick Price & Stock Check Facility
Graphical Business Summary (Quick Report)
View User System Login History & Processing Statistics
Fully Integrated SMS Module
Import/Export to and from Excel
Integrated Business Intelligence with the ability to Export Directly to Excel, Word or PDF
Export all Reports to Excel, Word or PDF or to Email as Attachments in one of the Formats
Send Email Direct from Standard Mail Server or Exchange Server
Import History Transactions from Excel
MS Outlook Integration
Data Import from ACCPAC Simply Accounting
Automated Data Conversion from Pastel Partner
Automatic Software Updates (MSI)
Comprehensive Online Help System
Participate in User Forums Online
Automated Offsite Backups******
Money Back Guarantee30 days*30 days*
Money Back Guarantee on Data Corruption3 years3 years
Telephonic/Email Support Options******
Free Telephonic/Email Installation Support30 days*30 days*
Annual Fees (Support)OptionalOptional
Fixed Assets
Manage 5 Depreciation Methods Per Asset
Control and Record Costs Against Assets
Transfer Assets Across Various Locations
Power BI
Create Personalised Dashboards
View and Share Reports
Access Important Data Anywhere, Anytime from Any Mobile Device