Palladium Accounting V10 achieves Windows 10 certification - Palladium

Palladium Accounting V10 obtains Windows 10 certification

Palladium Business Solutions is pleased to announce that the feature rich Palladium Enterprise Version 10 has been Certified for Windows 10 and will soon be available to all Microsoft Windows users in the Windows 10 store.

The Certification is not just a rubber-stamp compatibility certification that we saw with Windows 8, adds Corrigan. Microsoft has taken this to whole new level and actually runs an application through our source code to ensure we comply with specific development standards to ensure that they are recommending a product that complies to best of breed development standards.

We believe that this certification is essential in ensuring our clients receive a quality product that has been vetted by arguably the word leader in software development and has ensured that our clients experience advanced, corruption free processing.

A number of businesses are too trusting and don’t understand what is “under the hood” of their existing business software and would just trust in what they see rather than what makes it work, which can be seriously detrimental to their operations. Ignorance of this comes with consequences in potential damages to the business caused by downtime or lost data.

Because our software supports wireless networking and remote networking, or data hosting, it was important for us to ensure we tick all the boxes relating to best practice and development standards on the latest operating systems.

“At the end of the day, this accreditation cements the platform for us to continue to develop an extensive array of business enhancing features to our clients in the least possible time, with peace of mind that their business processing will be stable and secure”, ends Corrigan