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It’s not where we have been that matters but where we are going that counts! Our accelerated rate of development means that our clients benefit from all the new features released in our software. We not only believe in our clients have a say in what we develop, with our “request a feature” option, but also believe in being transparent with our product roadmap so clients can see first-hand what features they can expect and when.

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    • POD Document Management
    • Trade Creditor Recons
    • Reversing GL Journals
    • Use and store Value Calculations in GL Journals
    • Financial Statement Preview function within the GL Journals
    • Attach documents to GL Journal Lines
    • Student Management System
    • Offline Point of Sale
  • Easy Roster Integration
  • Workshop Module
  • Warehouse Management System Mobile Application
  • Palladium Standard Mobile Application
  • Multi-bin Locations
  • Palladium Payroll
  • Internal Requisition Approvals
  • CRM
  • New Dashboard Interface
    • Expense Contract Management
    • CAPEX Budgeting
    • FIFO Stock
  • Sage Evolution Conversion
  • Point of Sale Promotions
  • Point of Sale Loyalty Program
  • Palladium Business Alerts
  • Magento Web Store
  • Android Point of Sale
  • Palladium Cloud – Browser-based Interface
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