Palladium Business Edition 2022 Release Notes - Palladium

Palladium Business Edition 2022 Release Notes

DateVersionModuleSeverityAffected AreasDetails
13-01-2322.310.1.6MainEnhancementBottom Status BarIncluded a new Label on the Bottom Bar to display “Supported” or “Not Supported” with drill-down to the About screen.
13-01-2322.310.1.6HelpEnhancementAboutIncluded “Email Address” within the “Registered To” details.
07-Oct-2222.310.1.5Accounts ReceivableHighCustomer Statements Report, Balance Brought Forward ReportIncluded a Validation Check to only Encrypt the PDF if the Password Protection Setting has been Activated.
07-Oct-2222.310.1.5Main, Control PanelHighObtaining Exclusive ModeWe have changed the process to automatically logout existing users while obtaining Exclusive Mode.
3-March-2222.310.1.4Control PanelEnhancementPerform Year EndA validation has been Included in the year-End Process that checks to confirm whether there are transactions in the current year, to prevent a duplicate year-end process with the following Warning message “The Current Year contains NO data. Would you like to Continue?”.
3-March-2222.310.1.4Control PanelEnhancementPerform Year EndIncluded New Company Date Controls, to Display the New Financial Year Dates that the User is about to Perform.
12-Jan-2222.310.1.3SystemLowReset Password, User Master, My AccountIncluded the correct Tab Indexing when Navigating between Input Controls.
12-Jan-2222.310.1.3SystemEnhancementSystemWhen launching the Application on a PC that doesn’t have an Internet Connection, it was displaying a Warning Message “Product Key has been Suspended by Palladium.”, instead of allowing the Application to open and a Local Database selected from a Local Connection.
22-Nov-2122.310.1.2SystemEnhancementSystemWhen a Product Key has been Suspended, the User will receive a Message “Product Key has been Suspended by Palladium.” when launching Palladium. Once Palladium has reactivated the Product Key, the User will be able to launch Palladium without having to reregister.