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Palladium eCommerce Solutions

Our Webstore Plugins are designed to give all our Palladium clients an efficient and highly affordable means to have an online webstore, whether it be B2B (Business to Business for existing Customers) or B2C (Business to Consumer for attracting new customers). Our plugins are also designed to greatly reduce all the manual work associated with maintaining a traditional webstore.

The advantage of having a webstore for every single business is to:

  • Extend your trading hours for your clients 24/7/365.
  • Integrate to payment portals.
  • Attract new business online.
  • Allow clients to place their own orders.
  • Expose new products to your clients in a more subliminal process.
  • Allow your customers to view extended information on your inventory, such as videos, brochures or fact sheets, eliminating incorrect orders.
  • Use the inherent web store functionality to discretely up-sell related items to your customers.


We have 2 types of offerings:

1. Complete Webstore Builder (for those without an existing webstore)

This Function allows you to create your own webstore in a 4-step process and with it being hosted on our servers, you can either use your own web domain (ie web address such as www.store.yourcompany.co.za) OR you can create the store on our shopist.co domain so your store could be www.yourcompany.shopist.co. Note that this offering is only available for Magento webstores.

2. Webstore Plugins (for clients with existing Webstores)

Install one of our native PHP plugins for your Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify store and configure the data to access your Palladium Data. Clients who have their Palladium data on their own server would be required to install our API on the server to ensure a secure point-to-point connection.

How It Works

Our eCommerce Plugins are installed directly in the Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce webstores and perform the following functions:

  • For B2C, (optional setting) new customers registered on the webstore will be automatically created in Palladium together with their order.
  • Customers, Pricelists and Categories in Palladium are Updated to the webstore.
  • Inventory masterfile information (set as Webstore items), images, attributes and stock related details are updated to the webstore.
  • Orders processed on the Webstore are updated directly into your Palladium company.

The Integration between the webstore and your Palladium System operates on a remote synchronization function that is not reliant on a dedicated connection so if your Palladium server is offline, your webstore will still be operational. And when your Palladium database is back online, the information will synchronise across.

The connection between your webstore and Palladium is accessed through our secure API that has 128-Bit point-to-point encryption.


Our eCommerce solution is available for only R2500 excl per month or $439 per quarter for our international clients.

There is a misconception that web stores are only to attract casual shoppers, when in fact the biggest advantage to the average business is to allow their existing clients a convenient and informative means to place their orders at their leisure while having extended information about current and existing products.

There is no reason why any business should not have a web presence.

For more information please contact our sales team on +27(0)11 568 2900 or email .