Palladium Enterprise 2022 Release Notes

Palladium Enterprise Edition 2022 Release Notes

DateVersionModuleSeverityAffected AreasDetails
11-Nov-2122.410.58.3Control PanelHighPastel Partner ConversionWhen Importing the General Ledger Transaction History, included new Financial Year Period Filters (Last Year = 1 to 12; Current Year = 101 to 112), amended the Mapping to the General Ledger Accounts, as the Supplier & Customer Control Account Journal Entries were displaying the Amounts as Debits instead of Credits and Vice Versa, also included a Filter to fetch the first line per Transaction Group when creating a Journal Header Entry, as duplications and triplications were being inserted within the Journal Entries causing the running balances to be incorrect.
18-Nov-2122.410.58.3InventoryLowAdjustmentsWhen printing / previewing the Inventory Revaluation report, a Divide by Zero error gets encountered during the Load Function, as the Revaluation Transaction only maintains the Value Amount, and the Quantity gets defaulted to Zero.
18-Nov-2122.410.58.3BusinessHighBank ManagerWhen importing using the “Standard Bank Business Online” option, the Statement Preview was displaying no Records.
22-Nov-2122.410.58.3SystemEnhancementSystemWhen a Product Key has been Suspended, the User will receive a Message “Product Key has been Suspended by Palladium.” when launching Palladium. Once Palladium has reactivated the Product Key, the User will be able to launch Palladium without having to reregister.
13-Dec-2122.410.58.4InventoryEnhancementInventory AdjustmentsA new feature has been added to the Inventory Revaluation function to cater for adjustments on Unit Cost or on Total Value.
13-Dec-2122.410.58.4InventoryLowInventory Maintenance Item PickerWhen switching between Palladium Premium and Palladium Enterprise, if any issue is encountered when loading the Inventory & Services Masterfile screen, then the XML settings File will be Deleted and Recreated on the fly with the Default Columns settings.
13-Dec-2122.410.58.4Control PanelMediumPastel Partner Data ConvertorThe Pastel Masterfile Import was changed to cater for the Maximum Characters Allowed for the Part Number from 20 to 50, and the Description from 100 to 500, to be consistent with the Maximum Characters Allowed within Palladium.
13-Dec-2122.410.58.4Accounts ReceivableHighSales Invoices & Deliver AdvicesWhen the Last Received Cost is Zero, change the calculation of the COGS from using the last Transaction to fetching the Moving Average from the Inventory Location Masterfile. When activating Periodic Inventory Integration, when processing an Invoice, it wasn’t adding Zero within the COGS field, instead of the Cost Value for the Transaction.
13-Dec-2122.410.58.4InventoryHighInventory Adjustments & RevaluationWhen using Non-Integrated Inventory and an Inventory adjustment was made, the adjustment value was not validating the total on-hand value, potentially allowing the net value to become negative.