Palladium Enterprise 2022 Release Notes

Palladium Enterprise Edition 2022 Release Notes

DateVersionModuleSeverityAffected AreasDetails
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessEnhancementBank ManagerIncluded a check on the Allocation Amount, to warn the User if the Line Amount has been over Allocated across multiple lines.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessHighBank ManagerWhen a Receipt and a Payment gets Generated for a specific Vendor, the Journal Entry for the Vendor Control Accounts was being posted as Debit Entries.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessHighBank ManagerWhen Processing a Payment to a Vendor, it was Crediting both the Vendor Control Account and Cashbook Account.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessHighBank ManagerAn Error gets encountered when performing the Center Allocation during the Recording function when Profit Centers have been set to Force Full Allocations.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessLowBank ManagerWhen Centers are Activated for Bank Transactions, a Warning message will now be Displayed “Centers Allocation Could not be Performed”when capturing entries to Customer / Vendor Accounts.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessCriticalBank ManagerWhen Processing a Transaction for a Foreign Customer, Foreign Vendor or Bank Transfer to a Foreign Bank Account, it was calculating the Local Value incorrectly by Multiplying the ROE twice with the Variance written to the Currency Exchange & Rounding Account.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessMediumBank ManagerWhen Posting a Batch, sometimes it would encounter an error “Receipt Number Already Taken”.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessEnhancementBank ManagerSpeed Optimization on Loading Batches.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessEnhancementBank ManagerWhen Recording a Batch, Labels have been included to display “Posted Lines” and “Not Posted Lines”, and included the ability to resubmit in order to record the unposted lines.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessEnhancementBank ManagerThe Recording Batch Process has been changed to commit the Transactions Line by Line, instead of completing the Entire Batch before committing, as the System was encountering a Deadlock error within a Multi User Environment, which prevented other Transactions from being Processed.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessHighBank ManagerIncluded an additional grouping on Allocated Documents, as an Over Allocated warning message kept being displayed, even though no Transactions were Allocated.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessMediumBank ManagerWhen capturing Receipts and Payments to Foreign Customers and Vendors on different Transaction Dates, it was using the Exchange Rate from the first row for all the other Foreign Transaction rows rather than the transaction date.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10BusinessLowBank ManagerAn error was being encountered when the Header Comment is greater than 50 Characters.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10Control PanelLowCompany OptionsWhen creating a New Company, the Reports Currency Decimals were being set to “0”, instead of the Default of “2”.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10Control PanelLowPastel Data ConverterWe have changed the Default Tax Rates from “14.00” to “15:00” within the “Create and Map Tax Codes” Wizard Screen.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10InventoryLowInventory EnquiriesThe Purchase Quantity and Values were including all In Moves, and the Sales Quantity and Values were including all Out Moves. The Purchase Quantity and Values now only includes the Purchase & Landed Cost Transactions (In & Out Moves), and the Sales Quantity and Values now only includes the Sales Transactions (In & Out Moves).
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10InventoryLowInventory PickerWhen the Inventory Items Sorting has been set to “Description”, the grid was still being sorted by “Item Number” when launching the Picker.
15-Jul-2222.410.58.10Accounts PayableLowPaymentsWhen opening the Payment Picker, the List was displaying the Document Numbers in Ascending Order instead of Descending Order.
02-Mar-2222.410.58.9Control PanelEnhancementPerform Year EndA validation has been Included in the year-End Process that checks to confirm whether there are transactions in the current year, to prevent a duplicate year-end process with the following Warning message “The Current Year contains NO data. Would you like to Continue?”.
21-Feb-2222.410.58.8SystemHighUpgrade CompanyAfter installing the latest Palladium Enterprise, if the User selects “Back” to Cancel the Upgrade of the Company, the System was Decreasing the Database Version by 1.
21-Feb-2222.410.58.8InventoryHighTransfersWhen Allow Negative Inventory Level has been activated with the option “Use Last Received Cost”, when Transferring Stock from a Location that contains Zero On Hand Stock to a Location that contains a Positive On Hand Stock, the System wasn’t updating the correct Inventory Stock Value for the From Location and was displaying a Zero Stock Value instead of a Negative Value.
14-Feb-2222.410.58.7Accounts ReceivableHighInvoice ProcessingWhen Processing Invoices, the System Date was being used instead of the Session Date, which caused the Next Processing Date to remain the same.
14-Feb-2222.410.58.7Accounts ReceivableLowCredit RequestsWhen selecting “Open”, the “All Credit Requests” option was only displaying Open Credit Requests.
14-Feb-2222.410.58.7BusinessHighBank ManagerWhen Recording a Receipt or Payment, the next available Document Number wasn’t being fetched and updated correctly, causing the Document Number to go out of sequence.
14-Feb-2222.410.58.7BusinessHighBank ManagerWhen Recording all the captured Transactions, when an issue is encountered and Warning or Error message gets displayed before committing or rolling back the current Transaction, which causes a Table LOCK issue for other Transactions being processing,
14-Feb-2222.410.58.7Fixed AssetsHighRun DepreciationThe Opening Accumulated Depreciation wasn't being included in the Depreciation calculation.
22-Jan-2222.410.58.5Accounts ReceivableLowSales Invoice PrintingWhen a Bin Location exists for an Inventory Item, when launching the Print Invoice Report, the Bin Location was displaying as Blank.
22-Jan-2222.410.58.5Accounts ReceivableLowSales Invoice PrintingWhen a Bin Location exists for an Inventory Item, when launching the Print Invoice Report, the Bin Location was displaying as Blank.
22-Jan-2222.410.58.5BusinessHighNedbank File ImportWhen selecting to Import a Nedbank file, some Transactions were being excluded during the Loading Process.
13-Dec-2122.410.58.4Accounts ReceivableHighSales Invoices & Deliver AdvicesWhen the Last Received Cost is Zero, change the calculation of the COGS from using the last Transaction to fetching the Moving Average from the Inventory Location Masterfile. When activating Periodic Inventory Integration, when processing an Invoice, it wasn’t adding Zero within the COGS field, instead of the Cost Value for the Transaction.
13-Dec-2122.410.58.4InventoryHighInventory Adjustments & RevaluationWhen using Non-Integrated Inventory and an Inventory adjustment was made, the adjustment value was not validating the total on-hand value, potentially allowing the net value to become negative.
11-Nov-2122.410.58.3Control PanelHighPastel Partner ConversionWhen Importing the General Ledger Transaction History, included new Financial Year Period Filters (Last Year = 1 to 12; Current Year = 101 to 112), amended the Mapping to the General Ledger Accounts, as the Supplier & Customer Control Account Journal Entries were displaying the Amounts as Debits instead of Credits and Vice Versa, also included a Filter to fetch the first line per Transaction Group when creating a Journal Header Entry, as duplications and triplications were being inserted within the Journal Entries causing the running balances to be incorrect.
18-Nov-2122.410.58.3InventoryLowAdjustmentsWhen printing / previewing the Inventory Revaluation report, a Divide by Zero error gets encountered during the Load Function, as the Revaluation Transaction only maintains the Value Amount, and the Quantity gets defaulted to Zero.
18-Nov-2122.410.58.3BusinessHighBank ManagerWhen importing using the “Standard Bank Business Online” option, the Statement Preview was displaying no Records.
22-Nov-2122.410.58.3SystemEnhancementSystemWhen a Product Key has been Suspended, the User will receive a Message “Product Key has been Suspended by Palladium.” when launching Palladium. Once Palladium has reactivated the Product Key, the User will be able to launch Palladium without having to reregister.
13-Dec-2122.410.58.4InventoryEnhancementInventory AdjustmentsA new feature has been added to the Inventory Revaluation function to cater for adjustments on Unit Cost or on Total Value.
13-Dec-2122.410.58.4InventoryLowInventory Maintenance Item PickerWhen switching between Palladium Premium and Palladium Enterprise, if any issue is encountered when loading the Inventory & Services Masterfile screen, then the XML settings File will be Deleted and Recreated on the fly with the Default Columns settings.
13-Dec-2122.410.58.4Control PanelMediumPastel Partner Data ConvertorThe Pastel Masterfile Import was changed to cater for the Maximum Characters Allowed for the Part Number from 20 to 50, and the Description from 100 to 500, to be consistent with the Maximum Characters Allowed within Palladium.