Palladium Enterprise Trial

Thank you for signing up for a Palladium Enterprise trial.


Step 1: Choose your preferred download method:


Method 1: One Click Install (Recommended Method)

The installer will install the following:

  • Prerequisites Package (this includes the latest Crystal reporting
    tools and .net 4 Framework).
  • Database (in the form of MS Sql 2014 Express). This will not be
    installed where a MS SQL session already exists.
  • The Accounting Software itself.


Method 2: Manual Install


Step 2: Get Some Coffee and Relax

The easy one-click installer will do all the work for you, so while you’re waiting for it you might as well relax with a nice, fresh cuppa.


Step 3: Wait For it to Finish Installing

The installation may take anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. Now would be a very good time to enjoy that cup of coffee or read a book.

Installation Instructions

  • Please make sure your computer system meets the minimum hardware requirements.
  • Determine which version of Palladium you wish to download. A product comparison can be found here.
  • One of the more common problems experienced is where you already have a session of MS SQL Server installed on your computer. Should you experience a “Connection Error”, please download this article.