Palladium Mobile App Suite - SalesForce & WebConsole

Palladium Mobile App Suite – SalesForce & WebConsole

The Palladium Mobile App is a Suite of mobile features and tools designed to cater for your Mobile Salesforce, End-to-End Warehousing, Workshop Processing, Manufacturing Issues, Management Approvals and Performance Dashboards. The App Suite is arguably the most comprehensive set of mobile tools around boasting over 30 core Palladium functions, and is available for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Mobile SalesForce & WebConsole

The Mobile Sales-Force functionality ensures that your Salespersons can perform optimally at your customers while processing orders or quotes real-time and ensuring that orders get expedited before they are even back at the office. The Web-Console also allows management to track your Salespersons and view performance efficiency in real-time.

Capture POD’s

Allow your Salespersons or drivers to capture customer POD’s and have these uploaded directly to Palladium whether its by “sign to glass” or as a photo of a signed document.

Expense Management

Allow your Salespersons to capture and upload their expense claims on the go.

Inventory Enquiries

Have a real-time view of on-hand inventories by item, location and even bin.

CRM Activities

Process CRM activities with live updates directly to your Palladium Calendar.

Customer Maintenance

Have the ability to Update Customer Information or Create New Customers.

Sales Quotes & Orders

Generate Sales Quotes, Freehand Quotes and Orders on the go while being connected to live data. Email Quotes or Orders from the device. Allow customers to “sign to glass” with the signature being embedded on the Order in Palladium for future reference.

Sales Team Clock in/Clock out Function

Allowing your sales team to clock in and out on their mobile devices.

Salesperson Performance & Tracking

Log into the Web-Console and track your Salespersons in real time and monitor their live locations, performance or view their previous trips and also have the ability to pinpoint other customers near your Salespersons.

Palladium Mobile App Suite Salesforce Webconsole