Palladium Mobile 2022 Release Notes - Palladium

Palladium Mobile Release Notes

DateVersionModuleSeverityAffected AreasDetails
Accounts Receivable / WarehousingEnhancementSales Invoices & Pick TicketsIncluded the Assigning of Lot and Serial Number Items
Accounts Receivable / WarehousingEnhancementSales Invoices & Pick TicketsIncluded the function to Allow the Over or Under Assignment of Serial and Lot Items.
Accounts ReceivableMediumPrinted DocumentsCorrected the aspect ratio on Item Images printed on Sales Documents
MainLowSample Company LoginUpdated the User Password to match with the existing Sample Company Privacy Policy.
20-July-2322.25.3.3Accounts ReceivableHighFreehand QuotesWhen creating a new Document, the Item Cost Price was displaying as Zero.
10-July-2322.25.3.2Accounts PayableHighPurchase Requisition ApprovalsAfter Approving a Purchase Requisition, the Purchase Order was being created with a Zero Remaining Quantity, when the GRV Setting “Blind Receive in GRV” is active.
30-June-2322.25.3.1WarehouseEnhancementGRV'sIncluded the ability to split Quantities to Multiple Lot Numbers.
30-June-2322.25.3.1WarehouseMediumGRV'sWhen a Purchase Order contains Lot Items, and these Items get Partially converted to a GRV within the Mobile Application, the converting of the GRV to a Purchase Invoice within Palladium Premium was encountering a Warning Message – Buy Quantity Has Increased. New Serial / Lot Numbers Need To Be Included.
MainEnhancementStartupIncluded a Compatibility Validation check on the API Version.
WarehouseEnhancementStock Pick1. Included Negative Inventory Settings.
2. Included Service Items
Accounts ReceivableHighSales InvoicesIncluded a Validation to Process Invoices when Negative Inventory Settings are Disabled, otherwise the User would receive an Inventory Not Found message.
Accounts ReceivableHighCustomersAdded Validation for Create Customers as per the Customer Number Generate Settings – Manual / Auto Generate
20-Apr-2322.25.2.2SalesforceEnhancementSales InvoicesIncluded the ability to Generate a Receipt for a Cash Customer during the Recording Process.
20-Apr-2322.25.2.2SalesforceEnhancementSales DocumentsWhen Filtering Sales Documents, only Documents created within the Current and Previous Dates will be Displayed for the Logged User.
20-Apr-2322.25.2.2SalesforceEnhancementCRM ActivitlesA new tab has been included to display Optional Fields.
20-Apr-2322.25.2.2SalesforceMediumCapture PODPOD Documents captured within the Mobile Application, weren’t being displayed within the POD List in Palladium Premium Application.
20-Apr-2322.25.2.2ProcurementMediumPurchase Order and RequisitionsPurchase Requisitions not Saving Attachments.
20-Apr-2322.25.2.2ManagementEnhancementApprovalsIncluded the ability to View all the Uploaded Attachments for PO Approvals and Credit Request Approvals.
HighClock In / Clock OutTimeout errors encountered when fetching Large Data
20-Apr-2322.25.2.2SystemHighiOS DevicesUnable to connect from certain iOS devices
HighInventoryWhen Synchronizing Inventory Items, some Items were being excluded or missed for companies with Large amounts of Data.
EnhancementMainAdded new Blue interface splash screens
20-March-2322.25.1.0WarehouseHighSystemBin and Delivery Transfers encountering an issue when processing.
20-March-2322.25.2.1WarehouseHighPick TicketsAn error was being encountered when Displaying the List of Pick Tickets.
MainEnhancementMainIncluded a Third Level Dashboard Menu Navigation Icon for the Approval Function, which has been split into Purchase Requisition and Credit Request Approval.
Accounts Receivable & PayableEnhancementPurchase and Sales DocumentsIncluded the ability to Attach Multiple Documents or Images
MainNew Feature
FinanceIncluded option to View Bank Balances and Income Statements
Accounts PayableHighReceivingWhen receiving items with a Buy to Stock Ratio, the Remaining Stock Quantity was being populated incorrectly, which caused a Conversion Error within Palladium Premium.
24-Jan-2322.25.2.0Accounts ReceivableNew Feature
Sales InvoicesIncluded the ability to create Sales Invoices on Mobile
24-Jan-2322.25.2.0Accounts ReceivableEnhancementPOD'sIncluded Search Functionality when Capturing POD’s.
24-Jan-2322.25.2.0Accounts Payable and ReceivableEnhancementGRV, Purchase Orders, Delivery Advices, Sales Orders, Sales Quotes, Freehand QuotesIncluded fiend for Additional Info
24-Jan-2322.25.2.0Accounts ReceivableEnhancementAll Sales DocumentsIncluded Contract Pricing and Price Discount Matrix Functionality.
24-Jan-2322.25.2.0WorkshopEnhancementProcess Job, Create QuotationIncluded Job Instructions and Additional Info.
21-Jul-2211.25.1.12SystemEnhancementOperating SystemImplemented Android 12 Support, as the Mobile Application was only Supporting up to Android 11.
21-Jul-2211.25.1.12SystemEnhancementUser TrackingUpdated logic to match logged-in User working hours with the User Tracking Module.
21-Jul-2211.25.1.12SystemEnhancementUser TrackingUpdated Last Login Hours with the Server Local Time instead of the Universal Date Time.
21-Jul-2211.25.1.12SystemEnhancementUser TrackingUpdated User Login History Report to Display the Server Local Time instead of the Universal Date Time.
21-Jul-2211.25.1.12SalespersonMediumExpense ClaimsUser Location wasn’t being fetched dynamically, causing an error when Saving.
21-Jul-2211.25.1.12ManagementMediumPerformance DashboardsIt was Fetching the Financial Year Data on “This Year” Filter, so the Date Filter logic has changed to Fetch “This Year” Data.
15-June-2222.25.1.10ManagementHighPerformance DashboardsCorrected the Value Variations for Revenue, Cost, Quantity and Profit when using Sub-Categories.
15-June-2222.25.1.10ManagementEnhancementPerformance DashboardsAdded Salesperson and Customer Category Groupings.
15-June-2222.25.1.10SalespersonEnhancementGeneralRenamed the Button text from “Load Document” to “Attachment Image”. Renamed the Button text from “Scan Claim” to “Camera Image”. Renamed the Button text from “View Document” to “Process”.
15-June-2222.25.1.10SalespersonEnhancementGeneralIncluded validation checks, so the Process Button will only be visible when an Attachment has been Uploaded or a Photo has been Captured.
19-May-2222.25.1.9WorkshopHighIssue Work In ProgressAfter Issuing a Job from an Inventory Issue, if a User opens the Inventory Issue Document within Palladium Premium or Palladium Mobile, the Issued Quantity has been multiplied by 10.
19-May-2222.25.1.9SystemEnhancementUser RightsIncluded validation checks for the new User Access Rights, Procurement (Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Order) and Workshop (Create Quotation, Process Job, Workshop Schedule, Inventory Issue, Serviceable Item).
22-Apr-2222.25.1.6WorkshopLowAll ScreensChanged all labels from “Servicable” to “Serviceable”.
21-Apr-2222.25.1.6WorkshopCriticalProcess Job, Create QuotationAfter selecting the Serviceable Item, the Application closes after selecting the Job Template.
21 -Apr-2222.25.1.6WorkshopHighProcess Job, Create QuotationWhen selecting the “Owner” button, an error gets encountered “Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (Not Found)” when loading the page.
21-Apr-2222.25.1.6WorkshopHighProcess Job, Create QuotationAfter selecting the “Same as Customer” button, an error gets encountered “Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘OwnerCode’”.
21-Apr-2222.25.1.6WorkshopLowAll Processing ScreensThe System Date is being displayed as Default, instead of using the Database Session Date.
21-Apr-2222.25.1.6WorkshopHighProcess JobsWhen a Job has been created within Palladium Premium, when opening the Job within the Mobile Application, the Items aren’t being shown or the Quantity gets shown as zero.
21-Apr-2222.25.1.6WorkshopHighProcess Job, Create QuotationWhen a Document has been created within Palladium Premium, when opening the Document within the Mobile Application, the Job Template isn’t being shown.
21 -Apr-2222.25.1.6WorkshopCriticalInventory IssueWhen a Document has been created within Palladium Premium, when opening the Document within the Mobile Application, an error gets encountered “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.”.
21-Apr-2222.25.1.6ManagementHighPO ApprovalWhen opening the Document to Approve, the Document Value is displaying incorrectly.
11-Apr-2222.25.1.6WorkshopEnhancementQuotation, Process Job, Inventory Issue, Calendar SchedulerRearrange Workshop Module. Save Messages, Job Template with JobID and Description. Add button and Popup Screen for Ship To Details. Add Day / Week / Month View in Scheduler Calendar. Add List of Jobs by Date in New Screen with Button. Get Geo-Tagging during Document Save and Insert into Database.
11-Apr-2222.25.1.6SystemHighAll ScreensDecimal Separator changes.
11-Apr-2222.25.1.6ManagementEnhancementPurchase Order ApprovalsMove PO Approval form Procurement to Management.
11-Apr-2222.25.1.6SystemEnhancementConnection SettingsBlock SA user from adding in Mobile API connection configuration.
11-Apr-2222.25.1.6WorkshopEnhancementQuotation, Process Job, Inventory Issue, Calendar SchedulerAdded database version validation for workshop module.
20-Mar-2222.25.1.5SystemHighMainCompatible with Palladium Premium (V22.25.1.10).
20-Mar-2222.25.1.5SalespersonHighExpense ClaimsWhen Processing a Document, the User and Vendor Email Addresses weren’t being displayed, which was causing the Document not to be Emailed to the Vendor.
20-Mar-2222.25.1.5ManufacturingHighIssue WIPWhen Processing a Job to Return Stock (Return Issue), the Issued Value was displaying the incorrectly amount.
25-Nov-2122.25.1.1SalespersonHighSales OrdersWhen Adjusting a Sales Order, the Open Quantity wasn’t being updated with the amended Quantity.
25-Nov-2122.25.1.1SalespersonHighCustomersWhen multiple Currencies have been created within Palladium, when creating a new Customer, the default Currency wasn’t being created as per the Country selected, causing a Foreign Currency to display for a Local Customer.
25-Nov-2122.25.1.1SalespersonHighCustomersWhen creating a new Customer, the Withholding Tax was being activated with Palladium, even though the Withhold Tax Setup was unticked within the Mobile App.
25-Nov-2122.25.1.1SalespersonHighEmailing DocumentsAn error was being encountered when trying to Email any Document within the Application.
25-Nov-2122.25.1.1ManufacturingEnhancementJob TransferThe function has been added to Transfer an open Job from one Workcentre to another.
3-Nov-2122.25.1.0SystemEnhancementSystemIncluded the new Premium Logo and Splash Images.
3-Nov-2122.25.1.0SystemLowSystemThe speed has been improved within all the Search Filters.
3-Nov-2122.25.1.0ManagementMediumPerformance DashboardPerformance Dashboard sharing File Location causing issue on open.
3-Nov-2122.25.1.0WarehousingHighBin TransfersBin and Delivery Transfers encountering an issue when processing.
3-Nov-2122.25.1.0SystemEnhancementSystemLoad and Validate on the User Access Rights that has been setup for Mobile within Palladium Premium.