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Why Choose Palladium Payroll?

Access your payroll securely from any browser on any device. Palladium Payroll offers businesses of any size easy-to-use and yet powerful software at a fraction of the cost.


Keep control of payroll costs by only paying per employee for completely transparent pricing.

Cloud-based, No Installation Required

Palladium Payroll is a secure, cloud-based solution allowing you to access payroll from any modern browser.


Access Palladium Payroll from any device that supports browsers including smartphones and tablets.

No Limits for Full Scalability

Add unlimited companies and administrators without adding any extra costs.

SARS Compliant

Palladium ensures that your payroll is 100% compliant with SARS. You never have to worry about a payroll legislation change again.

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Palladium Payroll Features

Employee Self-Service Portal

Use the free Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal for Palladium Payroll to remove mundane salary requests such as staff requesting copies of payslips or asking how much leave they have. Employees can access the mobile-friendly ESS Portal from any browser to view or print payslips or IRP5’s and apply for leave. All at no additional charge.

Palladium Payroll dashboard

Intuitive Navigation

A home page dashboard view allows you to see all the relevant information related to that specific company at a glance.

Work From Any Device

Palladium Payroll is completely responsive and mobile friendly, allowing users to process payroll or employees to access the ESS Portal from any browser-friendly device.

Flexible Pay Cycles

Built to fit your business, Palladium Payroll allows you to choose the pay frequency that best suits your business needs. Choose from monthly, weekly and fortnightly payroll frequencies.

Completely Scalable

The solution is completely scalable, allowing you to add an unlimited number of companies and employees within one group structure with user access rights per company and role. A single-sign-on function allows users to move between companies without having to constantly log in and out.

Statutory Submission Reports

Print all the necessary statutory reports as well as create your electronic file submissions. This includes the EMP201, EMP501, and IRP5 certificates and interim and annual reconciliation from the EMP501 summary.

Import Timesheets

Save time and reduce data capturing errors by importing timesheets that are either created manually or generated from most time and attendance systems.

Up-to-date Tax Tables

Ensure accuracy with the latest tax tables and statutory rates from SARS.

Predefined SARS Transactions

Palladium Payroll ships with a full predefined transaction set that is configured to the relevant SARS (IRP5) submission codes.

Multiple Tax Methods

Includes multiple tax methods that may be applied to salaries, including SARS Average Method, Part-time Employee, Foreign Income, Labour Broker, Director PAYE, Director Directive %, Employee Directive %, Independent Contractor and Temporary Director.

Centralise Employee Information

Attach images and documents to Employee Masterfiles, ensuring that you always have access to important information such as contracts at your fingertips.

Leave Capturing

Capture employee leave for accurate records and reduce leave-based salary errors, with the ability to process in bulk and import from files such as Excel.

Bank Export File

Export your payroll to defined files, to speed up payroll payments and eliminate data capturing errors. Supports all major banks.

Employee Loan Management

Centrally manage employee loans and advances with full loan repayments.

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Palladium Payroll helps you stay compliant, eliminate penalties, and reduce risk.