Palladium Premium 2022 Release Notes

Palladium Premium Edition 2022 Release Notes

DateVersionModuleSeverityAffected AreasDetails
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2Control PanelEnhancementMaintain UserIncluded new Grouping and Options within the User Access Rights for Mobile.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2BusinessHighBank ManagerWhen capturing a Vendor Refund (Receipt), the Payment was being created with a negative value.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2ManufacturingMediumClose JobsWhen manually Importing the Close Job file for the Promtek Integration, if no Work In Progress has been Issued, then the Recording of the Document could not be done.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2Control PanelHighImport & Export PricelistsThe Import Screen couldn’t be Launched due to an Issue on Load.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2Control PanelHighImport & Export Pricelist CombinedWhen loading multiple Pricelists for a specific date range, the Default Pricelist was being loaded with a Zero Selling Price. The process was optimized when loading multiple price lists.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2Accounts Payable and ReceivableMediumSecurity on emailed Customer and Supplier DocumentsThe password protection function on the emailing of customer and supplier invoices has been set as optional, and the settings moved to the respective module tabs in the control panel.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2Point of SaleLowOffline POSThe Terminal wasn’t synchronizing the amended Kit Items, so Deleted Components were still being Displayed.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2Accounts Payable and ReceivableEnhancementAll AR and AP reportsWhen Exporting Reports to Excel, the formats have been improved to make them more usable within Excel. Areas changed were the column alignments, extra columns removed and we have removed headers and column wrapping.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2General LedgerLowGL Transactions ReportThe option to “Omit Accounts with No Transactions and No Closing Balance” was not validating correctly, as it was still displaying all the General Ledger Accounts.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory & ManufacturingHighPurchase Invoices, Receiving (GRV), Sales Invoices, Adjustments, Stock Count, Repackaging, Assembly & Close JobsWhen processing a document that contains a Serial / Lot Item, the Document could not be generated due to an issue within the Recording Function.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2Control PanelHighData IntegrityThe “Correct Bins Quantities” function needed to be changed to handle Negative Inventory Levels, as the correcting process was updating the Default Bin Quantities instead of the captured Bin.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2Accounts Payable and Accounts ReceivableEnhancementPurchase and Sales DocumentsIncluded a tooltip on the “Item Import” button, to assist the User on what fields are required within the Import File.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2InventoryEnhancementInventory by Location ReportWhen the option to display Serial / Lot Number, the Lot Numbers will now include the Track Expiry Date and Lot Value.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2InventoryLowBranch TransfersWhen navigating through the Documents or displaying the next available Document Number, the Document filter was only including the Goods In Transit Documents.
24-Nov-2122.25.1.2InventoryMediumInventory & ServicesWhen creating a New Kit Item that contains a Serial / Lot within the Components, instead of displaying the warning message that Serial / Lot Items can’t be used, it was forcing the application to close.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3ManufacturingLowProcess JobsWhen multiple Operations get setup and all Work In Progress have been issued and closed, the Components were being duplicated when viewing the Closed Job.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelLowCompany OptionsIncluded a Maximum Length of 20 Characters for all Optional Fields and display a Label on all Optional Tabs “Maximum 20 Characters are Allowed for Optional Fields”.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Fixed AssetsMediumAssetsWhen capturing all the required information within all the Tabs, the Asset couldn’t be Saved as it kept displaying a message that the Asset Already Exists.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryEnhancementSerial / Lot TypesIncluded a new option for Default Expiry Days when Tracking Expiry Dates for Lot Numbers.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, ManufacturingEnhancementPurchase Invoices, Receiving (GRV), Sales Invoices, Delivery Advices, Adjustments, Branch Transfers, Stock Count, Repackaging, Assembly, Close Jobs, Issue Work In ProgressWhen processing a Document that contains a Lot Item, the Lot Numbers Expiry Date will be set by using the new rule (Document Date + Default Expiry Days).
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelHighPastel Partner ConversionWhen Importing the General Ledger Transaction History, included new Financial Year Period Filters (Last Year = 1 to 12; Current Year = 101 to 112), amended the Mapping to the General Ledger Accounts, as the Supplier & Customer Control Account Journal Entries were displaying the Amounts as Debits instead of Credits and Vice Versa, also included a Filter to fetch the first line per Transaction Group when creating a Journal Header Entry, as duplications and triplications were being inserted within the Journal Entries causing the running balances to be incorrect.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts PayableMediumPurchase OrdersThe Document Limit wasn’t being saved correctly when Adding / Updating Approver Groups, which was encountering a Document Limit Reached message when Adjusting a Document with an Approver.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableHighSales InvoicesWhen Allowing Partial Delivery Advice Conversions have been activated, a General Ledger Account not Found message gets encountered when recording a converted Delivery Advice Document which contains a Journal Code or Overall Document Discount.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableHighSales InvoicesWhen Allowing Partial Delivery Advice Conversions have been activated, when recording a converted Delivery Advice Document with the Split Payment Method selected, the different tendered types weren’t being included within the generated Journal Entry.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Fixed AssetsEnhancementAsset Repairs & MaintenanceIncluded Option Buttons for “Vendor” and “Workshop”, and the Vendor section will be disabled if the “Workshop” option has been selected.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3WorkshopEnhancementInvoice JobWhen processing a Job with a Serviceable Item that contains an Internal Asset, included the ability to launch the Asset Repair Cost screen and create a Journal Entry for the Repair Cost.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelEnhancementTender TypesIncluded a “Test Connection” button for the Fortified EFT Integration option.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelEnhancementTender TypesIncluded a new option to enable the prompt for Mobile Number within the Fortified EFT Integration option (MPESA).
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableEnhancementSales Invoices and ReceiptsWhen a Document has been generated with the Tender Type related to the Fortified EFT Integration, the required fields (Authcode, RRN, Masked PAN, MID, Payment Details) are now populated within the Reports Dataset, which can be added to the Report Customization stage.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableEnhancementSales Invoices and ReceiptsWhen generating a Document, if the Tender Type is related to the Fortified EFT Integration, a prompt screen for the Mobile Number will be launched if it has been activated on the setup.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelLowExport & Load Customer Items, Inventory Bin Locations, EmployeesIncluded the ability to select the “XLSX” format when Exporting or Loading.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelLowLoad Inventory Bin LocationsAfter selecting to Load the standard template “Ent_InventoryBinLocations”, multiple empty rows were being added to the grid.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelLowLoad Contract Bill InvoiceAfter selecting to Load the standard template “Ent_ContractBill”, a Column Heading issue was being encountered, preventing the file from being loaded.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelLowLoad EmployeesAfter selecting to Load the standard template “Ent_Employees”, a Conversion issue was being encountered, preventing the file from being loaded.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3ManufacturingEnhancementProcess JobsWhen the Promtek Integration has been activated, after creating a new Job, the “OX” XML file that gets generated and uploaded onto the FTP Site, will now include two additional tags for Customer and Reference.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryLowAdjustmentsWhen printing / previewing the Inventory Revaluation report, a Divide by Zero error gets encountered during the Load Function, as the Revaluation Transaction only maintains the Value Amount, and the Quantity gets defaulted to Zero.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryLowAdjustmentsWhen a Company gets upgraded from Palladium Enterprise to Palladium Premium, the existing Documents weren’t being displaying within the Document Picker list, which prevents older documents from being opened.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableHighSales InvoicesWhen Converting the remainder Items on a Pick Ticket, the Invoice line number was being used instead of the actual Sales Order line number, which caused the incorrect Quantities to be displayed on the Bin Location Picker, which prevented the Invoice from being generated.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableEnhancementReceiptIncluded the Tax Description within the Withhold Tax dropdown list.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableEnhancementReceiptWhen Withholding Tax has been setup for the selected Customer, the User now has the ability to manually change the Withholding Tax Amount.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3SystemEnhancementSystemWhen a Product Key has been Suspended, the User will receive a Message “Product Key has been Suspended by Palladium.” when launching Palladium and if they try to use the Activate Only screen. Once Palladium has reactivated the Product Key, the User will be able to launch Palladium without having to reregister by using the Activate Only option.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3ManufacturingMediumProcess JobsWhen loading a Closed Job that contains multiple Issued Work In Progress Documents, the Components were being displayed with Duplications or Triplications, depending how many WIP Documents were generated.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3General LedgerHighAccountsWhen adding new Account Segments, after a Search has been executed and the Segments added, all the other Segments that weren’t displayed in the Search were being removed.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts Receivable, Workshop, Point of SaleEnhancementSales Invoices, Receipts, Invoice Jobs, POS SalesWhen a Tender Type has been activated for Fortified EFT Integration (MPESA), when the Invoice gets generated, the Payment process will now only run after the Invoice has been generated.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Workshop, Point of SaleEnhancementInvoice Jobs, POS SalesWhen a Tender Type has been activated for Fortified EFT Integration (MPESA), when the Invoice gets generated, the User will be notified if the Payment has failed and will be allowed to attempt the Payment again, but if the User decides to cancel the attempt, they will be notified to complete the outstanding payment from the Receipts.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelLowData Importer UtilityWhen running the Data Importing Process for an Evolution Conversion, if the Evolution Company contains more than 99 balance periods for Ledger, Customer and Supplier Master, also if there are more than 99 periods for Quantity Buy and Sell, then a Column Mapping issue is encountered during the Data Copy, causing these steps to be skipped.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryMediumStock CountWhen importing a File that contains a Blank Bin Location, the Bin Location and Actual Quantity columns were displaying as Blank, instead of displaying the Default Bin Location and populating the Quantity as per the File.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelEnhancementCheck Data IntegrityWithin the “Documents” tab, included a new Difference column, Search filters for Date and Grid Data, and the ability to Sort Columns.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelEnhancementCheck Data IntegrityThe Data Integrity Status will only be displayed when the “Company Summary” tab has been selected.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryEnhancementStock CountWhen Multiple Bins have been activated, a validation check has been included when launching the Stock Count screen, and if there is a difference between the Inventory On Hand Quantity and the Bin On Hand Quantity, a message is displayed to allow the User to correct the Quantity discrepancies before continuing. If Multiple Bins are deactivated, the same checks are done, but it will auto correct the Bin On Hand Quantities before loading the screen.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelEnhancementCheck Data IntegrityRenamed the tab from “Bin Quantity” to “Bin Quantities”. Renamed the button from “Correct Bin Quantity” to “Correct Bin Quantities”. Removed the button “Re-link Bins” and included the execution script within the “Correct Bin Quantities” step.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3SystemMediumCompany OptionsWhen a Business Company that contains Optional Fields gets upgraded to Premium, an unhandled error gets encountered and the entire Application closes.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelMediumData Extractor UtilityIncluded an additional filter to exclude Payment Terms that are NULL, otherwise the data doesn’t get loaded within the grid.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableLowDelivery AdvicesWhen converting a Sales Order that contains a Journal Code, a warning message was being displayed that the Bin Location hasn’t been setup, but wasn’t preventing the Document from being recorded.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Fixed AssetsMediumAssetsWhen creating a new Asset, if the User selects to add a new Repairs & Maintenance, but then decides to click “Cancel”, the Asset Repair was still being created.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelHighImport & Export Customer Items & Inventory Bin LocationsWhen selecting a “XLSX” file to Load, an error was being encountered when Opening the selected File, preventing the file from being loaded.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelHighImport & Export EmployeesAfter selecting “Get Data”, an error gets encountered on the Date Time Format within the Budget Date column, which was preventing the Data from being loaded.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableHighSales InvoicesWhen converting a Delivery Advice and the Payment Method gets changed to Split Payment, the Customer Transactions weren’t being created for the Non Account Tender Types.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryHighProduction ScheduleWhen selecting “Open”, an unhandled error gets encountered, causing the entire Application to Close.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3General LedgerLowGeneral Ledger ReportWhen drilling down from the Income Statement Report to the General Ledger Report, when Exporting the Report to Excel, the Description column was wrapping to the next line.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryMediumStock CountWhen Importing a File that contains an Item with a Bin which contains a Zero On Hand Quantity, the system was displaying the Summed Quantity of all the Bins instead of the Actual Quantity from the File.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableHighSales InvoicesWhen converting a Lay-By to an Invoice, the allocating of Deposits to the Lay-By Document wasn’t being included within the Total Receipts, which caused an Outstanding Balance.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryHighStock CountWhen Importing a File that contains a Serial / Lot Item, if the Files Actual Quantity is the same as the On Hand Quantity, an error gets encountered and the Serial / Lot Item row gets removed.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableLowSales InvoiceWhen processing an Invoice that contains a Service Item, the system was updating the Stock on the Bin Location, instead of maintaining a Zero On Hand Quantity for Service Items.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3ManufacturingHighProcess JobWhen Reversing a Closed Job, even though the Manufactured Item contains sufficient Quantity, a warning message was still being displayed “Transaction would leave the Bin with a Negative Quantity”, which was preventing the Reversal from being recorded.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3General LedgerLowGeneral Ledger Department Report, Journal Entry ReportWhen drilling down from the Main Reports to the General Ledger Department or Journal Entry Report, when Exporting the Report to Excel, the Description column was wrapping to the next line.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelEnhancementForms SetupIncluded a new label “Only Active Report Forms are Supported for this Function.”, which will be displayed on the relevant tabs that only allow Active Reports to be selected.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3WorkshopHighInvoice JobWhen generating an Invoice that contains a Tender Type for MPESA, the Mobile Number input screen wasn’t being launched, which resulted in the Transaction being generated with no Payment.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts Receivable, Point of Sale, WorkshopEnhancementSales Invoices, Receipts, POS Sales, Invoice JobWhen generating an Invoice that contains a Tender Type for MPESA, a new validation rule has been included, that will not record the Transaction if the Payment step has failed, which will now allow the User to try and do the Recording and Payment process again.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts Receivable, Point of Sale, WorkshopEnhancementSales Invoices, Receipts, POS Sales, Invoice JobWhen generating an Invoice that contains a Tender Type for MPESA, if the Payment fails, a message will be displayed with the Failed Reasons and Response Code.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableLowFreehand QuotesSpeed Optimization on selecting Items from the Inventory Picker.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts PayableEnhancementCreate PO From ReorderWithin the Vendor Header Column, included a new Vendor Filter button, which will allow the User to Select the Vendors and filter the Reorder grid, and then the User can Generate the Purchase Requisitions on all the Filtered Vendors.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelEnhancementAbbreviationsIncluded a new Icon within the “Company Setup” grouping, which will be used when capturing entries within Bank Manager.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3BusinessEnhancementBank TransactionsRenamed the Label from “Bank Manager” to “Bank Transactions”.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3BusinessEnhancementBank TransactionsIncluded the ability to “Save and Close” the captured Transactions, and the ability to “Preview Before “Record”, which allows the current Batch to be signed off and recorded at a later stage.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3BusinessEnhancementBank TransactionsIncluded the ability to Import Custom Layouts, which allows for the selection of File Types (Excel & Test / CSV).
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3BusinessEnhancementBank TransactionsIncluded the ability to Search and Filter within the Open Batches screen.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3BusinessEnhancementBank TransactionsIncluded Credit and Debit Totals within the main processing screen and reporting.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3General LedgerHighMulti-Company ReportingOnly the Premium Databases will be displayed within the Companies List, as it was only displaying Enterprise Companies.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelLowCompany OptionsWhen creating the Sample Company, the next available Form Numbers were displaying as Zero, instead of 1, which was causing the Document Numbers to start with Zero (IJB-000000000).
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts PayableLowBulk ReplenishmentRenamed the Icon Label from “Create PO From Reorder” to “Bulk Replenishment”.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableLowCollection LettersIncluded a Search Filter.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelMediumData Extractor UtilityWhen running an Evolution Conversion, a Duplicate Header Transaction issue gets encountered during the General Ledger Transaction Import, this doesn’t happen all the time, only if a Duplicate Headers are returned when Filtering on the Transaction ID, Date, Period and Customer / Vendor / General Ledger ID Columns.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts ReceivableEnhancementCustomer Statement, Sales Statement, Order Statement ReportsWhen “Activate Password Protection When Emailing Document” has been activated for the Customer, the Email Attachments are now Encrypted with Password Protection.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Accounts Receivable, Control PanelHighSales Invoices, Delivery Advices, Import Sales Invoices (Standard)When the Last Received Cost is Zero, change the calculation of the COGS from using the last Transaction to fetching the Moving Average from the Inventory Location Masterfile. When activating Periodic Inventory Integration, when processing an Invoice, it wasn’t adding Zero within the COGS field, instead of the Cost Value for the Transaction.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3Control PanelHighCompany OptionsThe Encryption on certain fields was causing an issue during the Save function, due to the maximum allowed characters, which was causing the Company Options record to be removed from the database, and resulted in errors for all Users that log into the Application.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryEnhancementAdjustments & RevaluationRenamed the Label from “Adjustments” to “Adjustments & Revaluation”.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryEnhancementAdjustments & RevaluationWhen capturing a Revaluation Document, two additional columns are available for “Current Unit Price” and “New Unit Price”.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryHighAdjustments & RevaluationWhen using Non-Integrated Inventory and an Inventory adjustment was made, the adjustment value was not validating the total on-hand value, potentially allowing the net value to become negative.
13-Dec-2122.25.1.3InventoryEnhancementAdjustments & RevaluationWhen capturing a Revaluation Document, a new validation check has been included to ensure that a Revaluation isn’t generated on an Item that contains a Zero On Hand Quantity.
21-Dec-2222.25.1.4InventoryLowInventory & ServicesWhen switching between Palladium Premium and Palladium Enterprise, if any issue is encountered when loading the Inventory & Services Masterfile screen, then the XML settings File will be Deleted and Recreated on the fly with the Default Columns settings.
21-Dec-2222.25.1.4SystemHighData ConversionThe Maximum Length Allowed for Account Sets was changed from 10 to 20 characters, to cater for the Sage Evolution Account Conversion. In Palladium the Database Functions and Types were still maintaining 10 characters, causing an inability to process transactions.
30-Dec-2222.25.1.5Point of SaleMedium Cash DrawersWhen GL Account Security has been enabled, if an Open Cash Amount is entered during Assigning Drawer Process, a General error was being encountered during the Saving Process, which prevented the Drawer from being Assigned.
30-Dec-2222.25.1.5Point of SaleHigh POS ReportsAdded back the Drawer Closing Report.
30-Dec-2222.25.1.5Point of SaleMediumPoS ProcessingWithin the Price & Stock Check, an error was being encountered when an Inventory Item was selected.
30-Dec-2222.25.1.5Point of SaleHighPoS Quotes and OrdersWhen Processing a Sales Quote, if a Line or Document Discount gets added, it wasn’t applying the Discount to the Document.
30-Dec-2222.25.1.5Point of SaleEnhancementsPoS Processing Included a Tooltip on the User-Defined Fields Button, which will either display “User-Defined Fields Disabled” or “User-Defined Fields”.
30-Dec-2222.25.1.5Point of SaleEnhancements CashupsWhen Closing a Drawer, the User now has the ability to enter an Amount within the Actual column, and moved the Cash Tender Type dropdown list within the “Cash” tab.
30-Dec-2222.25.1.5Point of SaleHighCash DrawersWhen Closing a Drawer that has been Setup with Multi-Currency, the Data was displaying incorrectly within the Drawer Cash up Summary Grid.
30-Dec-2222.25.1.5Point of SaleEnhancementsCashupsWe have renamed the tab from “Cash” to “Cash Breakdown” within the Close Drawer screen.
30-Dec-2222.25.1.5Point of SaleMediumCashupsWhen Assigning a POS Drawer, only Local Tender Types will be displayed for the Cash Float selection.
30-Dec-2222.25.1.5Point of SaleLowCashupsWithin the Close Drawer screen, we have included the Open Cash Value within the Drawer Cashup Summary Grid.
30-Dec-2222.25.1.5Point of SaleHighPoS ProcessingWhen Processing a Foreign Invoice, the Journal Entry was being created incorrectly, as it wasn’t recognising the Foreign Values.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Accounts ReceivableEnhancementsAll ReportsWhen Exporting Reports to Excel - Removed the Page Headers, Page Numbers, Line Text Wrapping, Corrected Column Alignments and Extra Columns.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6BusinessModerateBank ManagerWhen Profit Centers are set to Force Full Allocations on all Processing Documents, an Error was encountered when performing the Center Allocation during the Recording function.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Accounts PayableModeratePurchase InvoicesWhen Profit Centers are set to Force Full Allocations on all Processing Documents, an Error was encountered when performing the Center Allocation during the Recording function.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Accounts PayableLowPurchase InvoicesWhen Recalling a Saved Invoice that contains a Journal Code on a specific line, a Bin Location not setup message was being displayed during the Document Loading function.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Accounts PayableModeratePurchase InvoicesWhen Recalling a Purchase Invoice, the System was encountering a difference between the Issue Quantity and Purchase Quantity, which prevented the User from Recording the Invoice.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Point of SaleEnhancementCash DrawersWhen Closing a Drawer, the “Cash” Tender Type Amount within the Drawer Cash-up Summary grid, was including the other Cash Tender Types within the Total Amount for “Cash”.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Point of SaleEnhancementCash DrawersWhen Account Security has been Enabled, during the Process of Assigning a Drawer to a User, it will Display proper Security Messages when a User has no rights to an Account during the Saving Function.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Point of SaleHighMPESA TenderWhen Tender Types have been setup with the MPESA Integration, the Offline Terminal Invoice Data wasn’t Synchronizing to the Server, as it was trying to Process the MPESA Transaction again, which was causing an error.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Point of SaleLowPoS QuotesIncluded Rounding for Document Discounts on Sales Orders and Sales Quotes.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Point of SaleLowPoS InvoicesWhen processing Online POS Transactions at the same time as a Standard Sales Invoice gets generated, the System was using the Incorrect Invoice Reference for the PoS Journal.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6SystemModerateCompany UpgradeA New Feature was added to Allow Unique Control Account Settings Per Customer & Vendor, a Generic Script has been included to correct the Default GL Account for “Account Receivables”, “Account Receivables and Payables Deposit and Prepayments.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6SystemModerateCustom ReportsWhen launching a Custom Report that requires Parameters to be entered, the Enter Parameter Value Screen was being displayed in the background, and caused the screen to be inaccessible.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6SystemModerateRegistrationsWhen launching the Application on a PC that doesn’t have an Internet Connection, it was displaying a Warning Message “Product Key has been Suspended by Palladium.”, instead of allowing the Application to open and a Local Database selected from a Local Connection.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Control PanelLowCustomer Import / ExportWhen selecting “Get Data”, the Center Column was displaying Blank for Customers that have been mapped to a Profit Center.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Control PanelHighCompany OptionsWithin the “POS” tab, the Activating of the “Allow Account” Payment Option was being Saved.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.6Inventory LedgerLowInventory Ledger ReportWithin the Summary Report, the IN and OUT Stock Quantities were doubling when Adjusting Invoices.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.7Control PanelEnhancement Mobile User Access Rights for Expense ClaimsWithin the “User Information” tab, included a new group “Mobile Expense Vendor”, which gets enabled when the “Expense Claims” User Right is activated within the “Mobile” tab.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.7Accounts PayableHighPurchase InvoicesThe Change Document Information screen was encountering an error when launching the screen, as the Clearing Rules were being done on the Status Dropdown List on the Purchase Invoice screen, and not on the Status Dropdown List on the Change Document Information screen.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.7Point of SaleLowCash DrawersWhen Account Security has been Enabled, during the Process of Assigning a Drawer to a User, if the User has no rights to a specific GL Account, a Security Message will be displayed and will only Display the GL Accounts that the User has no Rights to, instead of Displaying all the mapped GL Accounts.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.7Accounts PayableEnhancementApprove DocumentsWhen a Purchase Requisition Document has been Approved or Rejected, a notification message will be Emailed or SMS to the User who created the Document, as well as the User that has Requested for the Action.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.7Point of SaleHighPoS SalesWhen processing an Account Receipt to a Customer Account, a Network related error message was being encountered, preventing the Receipt from being recorded.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.7Point of SaleHighPoS SalesA general error is encountered when processing an Invoice, when an Item contains an Account Set name that is longer than 10 characters.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.7Point of SaleHighOffline PoS SalesWith the Offline POS (Terminal), the Account Payment Receipts weren’t being Synchronized to the Main Server.
13-Jan-2222.25.1.7Point of SaleLowPoS PayoutsWhen generating a Payout, the Cash Float Amount is now included to the Available Cash Amount.