Palladium Premium Edition 2023 Release Notes - Palladium

Palladium Premium Edition 2023 Release Notes

DateVersionModuleSeverityAffected AreasDetails
22-09-23V23.25.3.0MainEnhancementRegistrationsCreated a new Product Key for the 2023 Edition
22-09-23V23.25.3.0MainEnhancementRegistrationsA new Key has been created for Offline Point of Sale that will only allow access to the POS module.
22-09-23V23.25.3.0Accounts Receivable, Workshop, Point Of Sale, Control PanelEnhancementSales Invoices, Credit Notes, Invoice Job, Workshop Credit Notes, POS Dashboard, Company OptionsIncluded Pergamon ESD Device Integration for Kenya country Tax Fiscalization.
22-09-23V23.25.3.0MainHighCompany UpgradeWhen the new Goods In Transit field is created, it was Defaulting the Flag to True for the old Inventory Transfer Documents (ITR), which incorrectly included these Documents into the Goods In Transit display calculations.
22-09-23V23.25.3.0MainMediumLogin / Reset PasswordWhen a User resets their Password or Logs into the System, the Notification Email wasn’t being sent from the application to the particular User.
22-09-23V23.25.3.0WorkshopCriticalInvoice JobWhen Converting a Quotation Document to an Invoice , the System was displaying a message “Quantity cannot be Zero”, as well as the incorrect Tax Amount was being displayed.
22-09-23V23.25.3.0Accounts ReceivableLowAge Analysis ReportWhen Rerunning the Report the Search Customer Filter was set to “All Customers” instead of retaining the original setting.
22-09-23V23.25.3.0Accounts ReceivableHighAccount EnquiriesThe Receipt Transaction that were allocated to Sales Order Transactions weren’t being displayed within the Age Analysis tab where Receipts to Sales Orders are Activated,
22-09-23V23.25.3.0Accounts ReceivableLowLay-By'sThe Split Payment screen was not active when Recording a Document when Receipts to Lay-By’s is Activated.
22-09-23V23.25.3.0Accounts ReceivableLowSales Invoices, Sales Orders, Sales QuotesWhen a User is trying to change the price, the system pops up the User Authorization screen, and if user click on cancel button the system change the price as zero instead of keeping previous price, where Price Changes Authorization is deactivated for that user,
22-09-23V23.25.3.0Accounts ReceivableLowSales Invoices, Sales Orders, Sales QuotesWhen selecting a KIT Item, the System was displaying the incorrect “Total Margin %”.
22-09-23V23.25.3.0Point of SaleHighOffline PoSWhen an Invoice is captured that contains an Item with a Tax Exemption, it was still displaying a VAT Value and caused an error on teh Data Synchronisayion.
22-09-23V23.25.3.0Accounts PayableEnhancementPurchase InvoicesWe have Included the ”Discount %” and “Amount” columns within the Document Line Group iin the Asset Repair: Included ”Discount %” and “Amount” columns within the Asset Repair Allocation cost function.
22-09-23V23.25.3.0Accounts PayableEnhancementPurchase InvoicesThe Repair Cost was being populated with the Item Price instead of the Line Amount (Excluding Discount & Tax) when allocating Asset Repair Costs.