Palladium Server Release Notes - Palladium

Palladium Server 2022 Release Notes

DateVersionModuleSeverityAffected AreasDetails
22-Feb-202322.25.2.1SystemHighPromtekA new field was added to the Closing Jobs within the Manufacturing Module, which caused the EN XML Files to Fail during the Importing Function.
8-Jan-2222.25.1.3SystemHighSystemAn error was being encountered when executing the Promtek Integration, as a result of the new rules that were included within Palladium Premium (V22.25.1.5) to handle the COGS as a separate field when inserting the Inventory Tracking.
21-Dec-2122.25.1.2SystemMediumeCommerce, POD, Easy Roster Sync, Promtek, Related Company Server SetupIncluded a validation to only fetch Accessible Databases and populated within the Database Names, otherwise, an unhandled exception is encountered when a Database is Offline, which results in the Dropdown List not being populated.