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Palladium is one of the few Microsoft Certified Accounting & ERP software solutions for Windows 10 currently on the market. As a feature-rich ERP application, including accounting, manufacturing, inventory, warehousing and distribution, Point of Sale, and project functionality,  Palladium allows you to extend your reach to more companies and industries.

How to Become a Palladium Business Partner

To become a Certified Palladium Business Partner, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an officially registered business in the country of operation.
  • The primary business operation must be either in IT software sales, IT support, or in the Financial and Accounting industry.
  • A minimum of 1 individual must be trained in Palladium Accounting and complete our certification course.
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Free Interactive Online Business Partner Training
  • Free Access to Palladium University
  • Receive In-House Single-User Software Worth R7 500
  • Software Purchase Discounts
  • Software Purchase Rebates on Preferred Partner Sales
  • Maintenance Fee Discounts / Rebates
  • Software Rental Discounts
  • Software Rental Rebate on Preferred Partner Sales
  • MS SQL License Discounts
  • Online Support and Free Phone Support
  • Certified Partners will Receive Referrals in their Respective Regions

For more information on Palladium & to apply to become a
Palladium Business Partner, call us at +27 (0)11 568 2900 or email  and one of our agents will call you.

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The Palladium Difference

Software that just records data has no place in a modern business. Palladium is an enterprise development tool that promises business growth and stability for your customers through three key areas.



Smart Upselling

Upsell Related Items with the option to auto-prompt at time of sale. This way you can ensure that your Sales team are prompted to recommend complementary items to your clients.

Container Allocation

Manage Crates and Pallet Inventories using our Container Items function. Simply set the number of items will fit into a Container and the system will make sure that the correct number of Containers are recommended at time of selling the contained item.

Streamlined Deliveries

Charge for Deliveries to Customers by Weight, Volumetric, Distance to the Customer, number of Items, number of Pallets or a combination thereof. We can also integrate directly into selected Courier companies to eliminate the recapture of Waybills.

Control Lost Sales

Manage and analyse Lost Sales Quotes with defined Reason Codes per order, allowing you to analyse the real “Opportunity Cost” of running your business, allowing you to take corrective action more proactively.

Professional Looking Sales Documents

Include Item Images, Extended Descriptions and Hyperlinks in all your Sales Documents for a more Professional look.

Identify Decreased Sales Fast

Use our Standard Reports or our Excel Reports to identify customers with Reduced Sales from one period to another, allowing you to take corrective action.

Optimize Inventory & Turn it into Sales

Run Inventory Aging Reports at any day in history, and turn slow-moving stocks to Revenue rather than write them off at time of stock take.

Manage Reorder Levels

Make sure that you don’t run out of inventory with our inventory forecasting which not only ensures your stock levels but also caters for vendor lead days and safety factors.




Proactive Margin Control

Change selling prices proactively by importing your Vendor Pricelists, applying a margin and updating the selling prices accordingly.

Flexible Pricing

Change Selling Prices on-the-fly at time of receiving inventory, ensuring that profit margins are maintained and that margins on on-hand inventories are maximised. You can also set this to only change selling prices where prices have increased, optimising margins where prices may have come down.

Faster RFQs

Create a Bulk Request for Quote for selected items and distribute this to multiple Vendors to tender on. Then Capture the best prices and convert this to one or more Purchase Quotes or Orders, grouped by Vendor.

Control Discounts

Set Maximum Trade Discount Approval Levels By User.

Manage Quotes & Agreements

Create freehand Quotes, recording both Sales and Purchase details for Projects or large Tenders and process all Purchase documents simultaneously, maintaining all agreed purchase prices and at the same time linking them to the sales documents.

Keep Track of Pricing

Allow for certain users to view the Margins on the Sales Documents real-time against the actual or the last received cost.

Purchase Price Tolerance

Use the Purchase Price Tolerance function to control Purchase Documents that are outside of the set tolerance of the previous Purchase Price with a management authorisation for approval overrides. You can also drill down to all previous purchases at the time of ordering to negotiate prices more informatively.

Easy Purchase Management

Use the Purchase Order Approval function to manage all, or Selected Business Purchases.



Spend Less on Infrastructure

Save thousands and host your data in the Cloud, removing the need to manage in-house Servers or any IT infrastructure.

Connect From Anywhere

Work from anywhere inside or outside the office using our advanced Dynamic Database Connectivity and embedded VPN. No more cables to tie you down.

Zero Downtime

MS SQL server and rollback capabilities ensure no data loss or data corruption. A Stable Solution means zero downtime or lost revenue through Data Corruptions and the additional costs associated with switching to manual solutions.

Credit Note Requests

Process Credit Requests and apply Customer Receipts against these Requests at the time of receipting. Receipts may be applied against Sales Orders with the receipt carrying across when the SO is converted to an invoice.

Enhanced Cashflow

Increase Cashflow and efficiency by sending copies of outstanding Customer Invoices with emailed Statements.

Faster Sales Processes

Use Temporary Credit Limits or convert Overdue account Sales Documents to Sales Quotes on the fly then convert to Sales Orders in a few clicks once the Customer account is in good standing.

Centralised Customer Information

View all Customer information directly within your Sales processing Documents, including other Open Documents and Available Credit Limits etc.

Eliminate Item Quantities Errors

Process item quantities using Dimensions to eliminate incorrect m2 or m3 calculations. Include packaging, or box, factors to recommend the number of boxes for the required square meterage.

Powerful Business Insights

Obtain world leading Reporting to mobile devices through Microsoft Power BI from anywhere, anytime.

Integrated Reporting

Create your own Pivot tables and Cubes using Excel and our own Integrated Business Intelligence.

Easy Document Creation

An advanced document copy function allows you to Copy Sales and Purchase Documents from all other Documents for instant processing. Create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order linking full Customer details at time of Inventory Receiving, allowing for drop-shipment address capabilities.

Quick Bank Statement Mapping

Import Bank Statements automatically and map the various transactions to the related Customer, Vendor or General Ledger accounts on the fly, greatly reducing your processing time.

Document Adjustment Traceability

Track all changes to Processing Documents such as Sales Orders, with colour coding for new lines, deleted lines and line quantity and value changes.

POD Document Management

Easily add POD’s to any sales invoice or delivery advice and run reports on open POD’s to identify outstanding POD’s.

Warehouse Management System

Manage GRVs, Pick tickets, Stock Takes as well as Warehouse and Bin Transfers from an Android powered mobile scanner.

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