POPI & GDPR Compliance - Palladium

POPI & GDPR Compliance

From the 1st of July 2021, the POPI Act in South Africa came into force with companies not complying facing hefty fines and even prison sentences. The onus is on companies to exercise due care when dealing with information relating to their Customers, Suppliers and staff. Note that these requirements are the same as the GDPR requirements when dealing with European countries relating to Data Protection and Security.

There are a number of old well-known software solutions in the market that do not comply with the POPI act, and some tell-tale signs are: 

  • Unsecure databases with no formal user access security such as where users require administrator rights to use the program.
  • 32-bit applications (that don’t support 64-bit processing).
  • Applications that are not supported on newer operating systems such as Windows 11.
  • Regular data corruption (often blamed on networks).
  • Developed using expired programming languages such as Visual Basic.


With Palladium we confirm the following:


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Our products use the latest Microsoft SQL Server database which is arguably the most stable and secure database in the market.

Programming Language

Our product is developed using the Microsoft .Net framework that is constantly updated.


Operating Systems

Our software is accredited on the latest Windows operating systems, whereby our software code is verified that it complies with specific security standards.

Code signing Certification

Our software is digitally signed and trusted with Digicert so you can use our software with confidence.


Software Features

User Security Rights

Palladium has granular user security to restrict user access from General Ledger, Customer and Supplier Accounts as well as Inventory Locations (warehouses). We also have user security rights on each function and report within the system, only allowing users to access what is required.

Audit Trails

Palladium has specific audit trails for specific changes within the system, although these controls can be augmented by using database triggers or using our Palladium Alerts tool that will notify you of any features or function you would like to monitor.

Secure Email Documents (2022 Edition)

We can now password protect the emailed Customer or Supplier documents such as Quotes, Invoices or Statements.

User Inactivity Screen Timeouts (2022 Edition)

You can now set inactivity timeouts whereby users that have been idle for a specific period will be required to Login again.

Email Login Notification (2022 Edition)

You can set user-login notifications that will email the user each time they log in.

Stronger Passwords Policies (2022 Edition)

You can define specific password policies with a min amount of wildcards (!@#$), numeric values, and Caps, as well as an expiry period to enforce strict password controls.

Change Password Security (2022 Edition)

The change password function uses secure tokens with a limited validity period for complete point-to-point verification.

Forgot Password Function (2022 Edition)

The Forgot password function uses secure tokens with a limited validity period for complete point-to-point verification.

Additional Products and Modules

Mobile Sales & Warehouse Management System (WMS) App

Palladium Mobile Sales and Warehousing (WMS) App is an Android, Windows UWP and iOS-based app that provides the ability for sales teams to connect to live data on the road to generate Sales Orders and Sales Quotes or to check inventory availability. It helps enhance enterprise mobility and productivity of sales representatives during customer visits and provide executives with critical insights into the sales process through better planning and tracking.

The warehousing component (WMS) provides for a complete end-to-end function from Goods receiving through to Delivery Advices and even POD gathering.

This is the most comprehensive mobile app available that is built to add value to your business. It is built in line with our ethos of constantly developing feature-rich solutions and revolves around our three core principles of increasing turnover, improving margins, and enhancing operational efficiency

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eCommerce Webstore Plugins

Seamlessly push inventory, images, descriptions and customers into your online store while sending orders straight into your ERP. With plugins for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce, you can allow your customers or prospects to trade with you 24/7 at their leisure. 

Palladium Alerts

Palladium Alerts is your own 24/7 Internal Auditor, by creating an automated, centralised communication hub that monitors core processes, functions and balances within your Palladium ERP system, looking for specified conditions, or exceptions, that may occur, then simply reporting on these to the relevant employees, customers or even suppliers via Email or SMS, optimising efficiencies, communications and processes all round.

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Power BI Reporting

We have partnered with Microsoft Power BI, to supply our clients Palladium Accounting and Acumatica Cloud ERP clients with state of the art Business Intelligence to their browsers, tablets or mobile smartphones at no extra cost. Because Palladium runs on the latest MS SQL Server Database infrastructure, we have created a Microsoft Power BI Integration Reporting pack, that allows our customers to seamlessly integrate their salient business information directly to the Microsoft Power BI application.

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Remote Sales Module (RST)

The Palladium Remote Sales Module allows remote users Create Customers, Sales Orders and Return Requests, with the ability to synchronise this with Head Office when required for easy conversion to a customer Invoice. In addition, selected Customers can be synchronised, limiting specific access per remote sales person.

Bulk SMS Module

The Palladium SMS module is integrated into the Palladium application and is also available as a stand-alone module. This module can be integrated to any Database and is offered to our customers free of charge. All you have to do to get started is to purchase an SMS bundle and take it from there.

Accounting Server Utility

The application includes tools for local and/or remote backups, tools for the administration of SQL Server database, and the sample data installation. This system is optional for all versions of Palladium Accounting. The installation must be on the same computer where you installed your choice of the SQL Server.

Licensing & Activation

Palladium Accounting is licenced and activated per computer. For purposes of licensing, a user is considered to be a single computer. A licence must be purchased for each computer using Palladium Accounting.

Multiple sites may share the same Palladium licence key, and qualify for quantity licence discounts if all sites covered under the licence belong to the same legal entity. This paragraph is used for discount purposes only and in no way affects the requirement to have a unique licence per computer.

Each copy of Palladium Accounting must be activated via our web activation server, or over the telephone with your authorised Palladium reseller or Palladium Accounting directly.

Palladium reserves the right to charge a fee for all requests to release activations due to (but not limited to) moving a licence from one computer to another, or the loss of a computer through theft or retirement.

Palladium reserves the right to refuse to release activations for any reason. Phone activation applies to paid versions only. All free versions of Palladium Accounting must be activated electronically over the Internet. Software lease agreements must be activated and maintained electronically over the Internet.