Allocate Credit Notes to Unpaid Sales Invoices - Palladium

SUP034 – Automatic Credit Note Allocation

This feature allows you to automatically match/allocate Credit Notes to Unpaid Sales Invoices on the fly.

How Does This Feature Help Your Business?

  • Accurate credit allocations.
  • Offsets the credit immediately, this eliminates the process to have to manually apply the credit to the Sales Invoice.
  • Saves you time.

Feature Setup

Firstly, to activate the feature, you go to the Control Panel in Company options. On the Receivables tab, ensure that the option below is checked. Should this feature not be activated, then the Credit note will appear on the customer’s account as an unallocated credit.

Feature Functionality

To process a Credit Note, select the invoice then click on the Credit Button (subject to the users requisite security access rights) .
If the full invoice value was credited, the Sales Invoice will not appear in the Outstanding Invoice Feature within the Process Customer Receipts function as it has been automatically been matched to the Credit Note.
General Note 
 If you pass a Credit Note to a Sales Invoice and it is not for the full amount, only the net outstanding amount will appear on the outstanding Receipts above the “Amount Owing” field.