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SUP044 – Understanding Freehand Quotes

This feature allows you to create Quotes for Clients (and prospective Clients alike) while managing the margins of sales and service items (including prospective items). Additionally, the Purchase and Sales Documents can be created on the fly, all from the same screen, offering traceability from the purchase of the item, to goods receiving through to the sale of the item.

How Does This Feature Help Your Business?

  • Create quotes for Prospective Clients without having to Create a Customer Masterfile Record.
  • Create quotes for Prospective Items without having to Create an Inventory Masterfile Record or use the function to control Buyouts.
  • View and manage margins as a value or as a % of the total deal value
  • On acceptance, have the ability to create the Inventory Items and Customer Records on-the-fly
  • Create the Sales and Purchase Documents all from the same screen
  • Have the option to view all Suppliers for a specific item, with the system selecting the preferred Supplier as default

Feature Options

Create a Quotation for a Prospective Customer or Prospective Inventory Item
Here you can create a quotation for a prospective OR a current customer, as well as a prospective OR current Inventory or Service Item. This allows you the ability to handle Buyouts whilst maintaining the appropriate margins. If you refer to the Vendor Field on the Item Line, you can also specify the details of the Vendor that
was used to cost the quote. (Note that in the case of standard Inventory Items, the system will default the preferred Vendor for that Item and give you the ability to select another or assign a Vendor to that Item.

Converting the Quotation
Once the Customer has approved the quote, we can now convert the details to a Sales Document (Quote, Order or Invoice) as well to one or more Purchase Documents (Requisition, Order or Supplier Invoice) on-the-fly. If you have used a prospective Customer Or Item, the system will prompt you to select the Item or Customer or to
Create these on the fly.

Once the Items and Customer has been linked the system will create the Purchase Order on-the-fly and bring through the Sales Quote and Customer Details to trace the document through to fruition.

Receive Goods With Complete Traceability
When goods are received the Created From customer and Order details will be displayed on the Goods Received Voucher and processing screen, allowing you to effectively complete the order fulfilment cycle.

Note that the ability to trace the Document Reference above is also available in all the Create/Copy Purchase Order from Sales Orders function, with each individual copied sales order and customers details listed separately.

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