Simplified Deliveries & Inventory Management with Delivery Advice

SUP091 – Delivery Advices

The Delivery Advice feature allows you to create Deliveries without the need to process Invoices, while still affecting the inventory on hand. This feature works in the precise inverse way as GRV’s, wherein GRV’s act as an intermediate process between the receiving of inventory and the processing of the Vendor invoice. The delivery advice acts in the same way as an intermediate step between the delivery of Customer goods, and the invoicing thereof.

This feature is not to be confused with the delivery notes within the system that are available for printing during the Process Invoice function.

Use for the Feature

This feature would generally be used in a number of processes, and often where deliveries are made to customers where you would require a POD before processing the Invoice, normally due to Over or Under Deliveries.

Another use would be where deliveries for a specific order are made in intermittently throughout a period such as deliveries to a Project, where the client only requires one Invoice, so would be used more for an internal rather than external purposes.


Activating the Function
In order to activate the Delivery Advice feature you need to go to the Control Panel >> Options >> Receivables >> Settings 2. Then activate the feature by selecting the Create Delivery from Sales Order setting, with other settings to prompt or Warn on Open Delivery Advices at time of invoicing, much in the same way as we do with Pick Tickets on converting Sales Orders To Invoices. The other settings are to determine whether you would like to print the Price on the Delivery advice or to display the price on the Delivery Advice processing screen.

Control Account Setup
Because this Delivery Advice feature created a financial Transaction, ie Credit Inventory and Debit the Delivery Advice Control Account you would need to set the Delivery Advice Accrual Account in the Linked Account Setup Screen.

User Rights and Processing icon
Once you have activated the function you now need to set the respective user rights and on logging in, the Delivery Advice Icon will be available for the respective users.

Delivery Advice Processing

Creating Delivery Advices

To begin using this feature you will select the Delivery Advice Icon. In the example below I created a Sales Order for 2 x Bicycles and 2x Bicycle Helmets. Then on processing the Delivery Advice elected to only deliver 1 of each item. You will see that there is also a field for Total Delivery Quantity to add aid the Despatch and Drivers.

When processing the second delivery, the system defaults only the undelivered quantity of the order as seen below.

Processing Invoices
Once you would like to create an invoice simply select the invoicing processing function. If you first select the customer you will be prompted with the open delivery advices. Alternatively, you can click straight on the Delivery Advice Convert Icon as seen below,

And you will then be presented with a list of open deliveries that you can select to invoice as seen below.

What is notable about this feature is that you can convert from Multiple Deliveries to a Sales Invoice. Incidentally, this function works in conjunction with the ability to convert multiple Sales Orders to a single Sales Invoice.

On invoicing you will see that the items are grouped per item per delivery, for easy identification purposes.

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