Enhance Professionalism with Item Images - Palladium

SUP102 – Item Images

Use for the Feature

The ability to use Item images within Palladium not only enables the sales consultant to offer a more professional service to their customer, but also gives the business a more professional approach to its printed sales and purchase documents.


Adding Images
You can add one or more image to your Inventory Items through the Inventory Maintenance function below.

Using Images on Printed Documents
To insert the images on the printed Documents go to the Control Panel >> Company Options >> Inventory and Services, and select the documents on which you would like for the Images to be printed.


Processing Documents
To view the images on the Processing Documents, simply select the item and then the View Images button below, with the ability to scroll through all item images.

Printed Documents
All you do now is to print or email the selected document and the image will appear in the required space accordingly as seen below.

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