Efficient Vendor Pricing Setup: Masterfile Options - Palladium

SUP104 – Vendor Inventory Pricing

Creating Vendor Pricing

The Vendor pricing setup and selection can be setup in either the Inventory Masterfile under the Vendors Tab as seen below;

Or in the Vendor Masterfile setup under the Item Pricing Tab. The significance of setting the pricing here is that you have the ability to Import the Vendor Pricelists. Note that both these methods update the same information and database fields.

Default Price Selection
When processing Vendor documents on the form of Purchase Quotes or Requisitions, Purchase Orders or Purchase Invoices, the system will first select any Vendor pricing as set above. Should a price not be available, the system will use either the Last Received Cost, or the Default Item Purchase Cost as defined on the Inventory Masterfile below.

Units of measure
There may be a case where there is a different Unit of Purchase Unit to that of the Unit of Stock as seen in the screen below. Note that this will have no bearing on your Vendor Pricing, noting that your Vendor Pricing will be for 6 of this item (ie Unit of Buy) that will convert to the Unit of Stocking at time of receiving.

Converting Documents
This function above only applies in the case where you are creating a new purchase Document and will not apply where prices have been already set or altered on existing purchase documents that are converted, ie in the case of a Purchase Requisition to a Purchase Order.

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