SUP105 - Segmented General Ledger
segmented general ledger 1

SUP105 – Segmented General Ledger

The General Ledger Segmentation function was designed to allow business to have extended General Ledger reporting capabilities in organisations with Multiple Branches and/ or departments, with the ability to filter and report on one or more of the segments. This facility has also been designed to complement the account set by warehouse function, allowing us to have a segment integration by item or item category by warehouse, allowing profitability to even be reported on a product line basis. Another market for this is in the issuance and control of Grants or Fund Management whereby we can report on the individual projects managed within the specific fund(s).

Another limitation that has been overcome is that of departments with departmental allocations previously being done at a document level basis. With the segmented General Ledger you can now process integrations document line item.

Setting Up General Ledger Segmentations
This will be explained in 2 separate sections, ie clients converting an existing company, and creating a new company. Note that the ability to add segments is available to both scenarios at can be done at any time.

Upgrading an Existing Company

Existing Segments
When you upgrade from a pre-General Ledger Segmentation company, on conversion the current Sub-Accounts will automatically become the second segment, and will allow you to report by the values in this segment. You can see from the screen that we had 2 sub-account settings in the Original Company Data namely 0000 and 0500. All we need do now is to name the segments and report accordingly.

Segmented General Ledger upgrading existing company 1

Adding Segments
You can then redefine the General Ledger Segments as required with the ability to add new segments as seen below.

Segmented General Ledger create accounts

Remapping Accounts
Once the new segment has been created, we now need to map the original accounts to the new segments accounts to transfer the transaction history accordingly.

Segmented General Ledger remapping accounts

Creating a New Company
When creating a new company there are a number of options afforded to you.
The Manual Setup option as seen here, allows you to define your own segment lengths while the other options below will install the 4-4 account segment structure with the sample data, but allow you to adjust at a later stage. The first segment is reserved for the account number and can have a minimum quantity of 3 digits, that are numerical only, while the other segments are limited to 10 segments 50 characters in total, and can be set as Alpha, Numeric or, Alphanumeric as defined above.

Segmented General Ledger create new company

Building or Creating Accounts

Using the Account Builder
You can also setup your segments and then import your accounts. The account builder function allows you to build your required accounts with the Segment definitions being added as they are selected.

Segmented General Ledger create accounts

General Ledger Reporting
The general ledger reporting function caters for up to 3 combinations of filters in most of the ledger Reports. In addition, you can select one or more of the segments to give you an unsurpassed multi-dimensional financial view of your business.

Segmented General Ledger reporting

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