Efficient Receipts Processing and Credit Management with SUP111 - Palladium

SUP111 – Receipts to Sales Orders and Credit Requests (Laybys)

The purpose of this feature is to allow receipts to Sales Orders and Credit Requests coupled with the ability to Send Customer Statements with or without these open orders. In addition we have the ability to process Request for Credits at time of receipting to process customer short payments or claims, alleviating the need to short allocate against a fully paid invoice. This feature is also ideal for Laybys where we will only release the goods once fully paid.


To Activate this function, go to the Company Options / Receivables – settings 2 Tab, and select the Allow Receipt Processing to Sales Orders Function.


Transaction Processing
At time of receipting we have the ability to Allocate Receipts to one or more sales orders as well as have the ability to Create a Credit Request on the fly as seen below. In my example I have Created a Sales Order for $100.

I now process a receipt against the Sales Order as seen below. Note that at this time I have the ability to process a request for Credit and on doing so the Request would also be available for allocation purposes as a negative amount. This is used extensively where client claim rebates or for returns or price changes, while still paying the other documents on the order in full.

Statement Processing
We now have the ability to process Customer Statements with or without displaying the Open Orders as seen below.

Here is a statement displaying the Open Orders

Here is an example of the statement without the Open Orders

Customer Ageing
The same applies to the Customer ageing reports per below.

With Sales Orders

Without Sales Orders

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