Streamline Bulk Label Printing with SUP122 - Palladium

SUP122 – Bulk Label Printing

The Bulk Label Printing function is an enhancement to the traditional label print function in the Enterprise Edition, allowing you to mass-print product labels at time of receiving or manufacture.


The purpose of bulk label printing is to print labels at time of receiving for multiple items and quantities. You can also define different label layouts, such as shelf talkers, and also filter on items where prices have changed, and print labels for the received or on-hand quantities.

How to Use Bulk Label Printing


  1. The bulk label print function is found in the inventory module under the Processing section.
  2. The function is also available on the following processing screens as seen below:

GRV’s, Supplier Invoices, Inventory Assemblies, Process Manufacturing, Inventory Adjustments.


  1. You can also choose whether you want to print the price in the label, and you can also select the pricelist you would like to use, and you can also filter your items by location, category or sub-category.

  1. You can either print labels for the quantities received (default), all your quantities on hand (Apply On Hand Quantities) or you can manually enter the quantities you would like to print.
  2. When selecting “Price Change” the system will only display the items, which have, had a change in their selling prices based on the date selected in the “Price Updated Since” filter.
  3. The Layout option allows you to print labels for different items using different label layouts and sizes. You can setup your different Layout designs in the Control Panel > Forms Setup > Label Docs.

Processing Documents

When printing Bulk Labels on from processing documents, only the Items used on that document will appear on the bulk label-printing screen.