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Alert Of The Week – Overdue Invoice Notifications

Overdue Invoices

Below please find an example of the featured alert of the week on Overdue Invoices. This simple alert has proven very effective in our business reducing our debtor’s book by around 15%. Our Alert is scheduled to run once a week, but you could set it to run as often as you like.

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A day in the life of Palladium Alerts


Monitoring KPIs and managing many dashboards in your business can make it easy to lose track of what matters. Fortunately, Palladium Alerts can help you out with that. Let us take a look at a day in the life of Palladium Alerts and learn how it can enhance the operational efficiency of your business. 



In this world where information is overwhelming, we need to consume our information intelligently and by exception. Our alerts tool is designed to send selected information dynamically so users no longer need to run static reports to look for problems that may or may not exist in the business. They will receive this information in real-time allowing them to make corrective decisions proactively. 


What I do

I am the unsung hero of the business. I don’t get leave, don’t take off sick, never come in late or get stuck in traffic and do the work of 3. I am the heart and soul of the business and if it wasn’t for me this business would fall apart. I work 24/7/365 and challenge you to give me an alert or notification you need that would change your business for good!


At 6 am

I send a notification to the store person of all the Supplier Deliveries he can expect in the day as well as a list of overdue Supplier deliveries. At the same time, I send a notification to each of my suppliers reminding them of the deliveries that are due to us this week and asking that they need to advise us where the deliveries may be late.

I also advise the store person of all the customer orders that need to be picked and delivered for the day, as well as all the overdue pick-tickets.


During the day

1 advise customers on all their quotes, orders and invoices processed as well as let them know of the status of their orders whether it’s picked or not, and when we deliver I even give them details of the driver and vehicle.

I let my procurement and sales managers know of all purchases made where the cost has increased since the last time we bought the item so they can review the sales price.

I notify the sales manager of any orders processed where the margin is lower than it should be just in case our salesperson made a mistake during processing.

I let my Financial Manager know when we receive orders for clients whose accounts are near their credit limit or overdue as those sales guys always try and push the order through without telling the Manager.


At the end of the day when people have gone home

I send a summary of the days’ performance to management with month to date figures just to make sure we are on track to budget, together with a list of the top 10 overdue customers.

I send a sales report to the sales team sorted in descending order so the underperformers know I am watching them.

I send a list of all items below their min order level to my procurement manager reminding them to order stock.

I advise the Sales Manager on the sales consultants that are not “upselling” related items to their customers.

I send a list of overdue CRM incidents to staff reminding them where they have gone wrong.

I send a list of all overdue sales quotes to the salespersons making sure they follow up and turn these into sales.


On the Weekends

I send a list of all inventory nearing expiry dates or where we are overstocked to the sales manager so they can turn this old stock into cash.

I send a report to all my overdue customers listing all their overdue invoices and reminding them that they need to pay us to ensure there is no interruption of our superior customer service.

I let my admin manager know about client maintenance contracts that are about to expire so they can make sure we renew the clients for another year.

I send management a report on cancelled Sales Quotes and Orders with reason codes so they can take corrective measures for us to “get more sales”.

I send a report to the sales manager on clients whose sales have decreased on certain items so he can follow up personally.


My job is never done, and at month-end

I send statements to all our customers reminding them to pay on time.

I send management a summary of the performance of the business, congratulating them on Increasing their Turnover and Cash Flow, Improving their margins, enhancing their operational efficiency.

And it’s all thanks to me – the unsung hero!

At only R1500p/m, I am the cheapest and most efficient employee you can ever hire.

N.B Palladium Alerts is only compatible with the Palladium Premium and Palladium Enterprise Editions.


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