SUP045 – Add Value Invoices

This feature allows you to apportion addition costs to a specific batch of received goods. This could be used to assign costs such as Shipping or other transport costs or to apportion import duties for Additional Costs.

How Does This Feature Help Your Business?

This facility allows you to apportion other direct costs to a specific shipment, ensuring that you reflect a correct Cost Of Sales and Gross Profit margins.
This apportionment is applied as an accrual, alleviating the need to have the original Shipping cost invoices at hand.

Feature Option

Select The Original Supplier Invoice
In order to apportion costs to a specific batch of Received Goods, you first have to select the supplier invoice to which the additional costs will be apportioned. You can do this by selecting the Supplier Invoice and Select the Additional Cost option.

Apply Costs
Once you have selected the Landed Cost Adjustment option, the system will display all the Relevant Inventory items on the Supplier Invoice. Here you enter the value with which you would like to apply to the Shipment, and the system will then give you the option to apportion these costs to the Delivery apportioned either by total shipment quantity or by value with the option to apply the apportionment manually. You also have the option to adjust the Additional Costs Control account.

Post Supplier Invoice
When you post the Vendors invoice, you would post this against the control account as shown above. It is recommended that a Cost Of Sale Account be used as a control account in order to ensure that all costs are accounted for appropriately.

Note – We also recommend that this account is reconciled monthly to ensure the accuracy of postings, as the account balance should invariably be Nil.

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