Training & Education Module

The Palladium Training and Education Management module is a full cloud-based application that manages the entire course cycle for Students, Employers and Educational Institutions.

With the Palladium Training & Education Management module you can manage courses with various prerequisites, assign coursevenues, create class group, post exam results and rewrites.


Create & Manage Courses

Build courses by adding modules, duration, equipment and prerequisites.

Track Equipment With Serial Numbers

Assign and track school-owned equipment with tracking numbers.

Create Schedules

Develop class and training schedules.

Student Application

Manage student quality through student applications and approvals. Set pre-requisites such as prior training, certifications or experience as part of the approval process.

Exam & Rewrite Management

Manage exam slots and passing requirements for each course. Allow or disallow rewrites based on courses or by student.

Student Groups

Create groups for classes and exams and assign students to the best groups for their needs.

Payment Management

Keep track of student payments and outstanding amounts.

Certificate Management & Approval

Upload certificates for students who have successfully completed courses and approve them before making them available to each individual.


Create a seamless online user experience by customising your training portal with your corporate logo.

User Access Rights

With granular permissions, you determine who can view, approve or edit records.

Always Available in the Cloud

No need to install, upgrade or backup software, the Palladium Training & Education Module is a cloud-powered learning management system.

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