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End-to-End ERP Accounting Solutions

Palladium offers a complete business solution from eCommerce Plugins, a comprehensive Mobile suite of features for Android and iOS, through to Business Intelligence and Robotics in the form of Alerts and Notifications. Every feature in Palladium Accounting is developed to help businesses become more efficient and more profitable. We do this by ensuring that each one is able to support businesses in one of our three key business-enhancing differentiators by Increasing Turnover, Improving Margins and Enhancing Operational Efficiency. Switching to Palladium Accounting could not be any easier based on the following:

Data & History Conversion Tools

We understand the importance of being able to get your data into Palladium so you can get your business up and running in no time. For this, we have various file imports for all your master file and take-on balances, and we also have a comprehensive data conversion utility from the Pastel Partner and Sage Evolution product ranges that will convert all your master file information, all take-on balances, General Ledger Transactions as well as full Sales and Purchase history, all at the push of a button!


Affordable Pricing & Flexible Payment Options

We offer various pricing options to suit every budget from the Annual Purchase with an optional Maintenance Contract (Mandatory in the first year ONLY), to our monthly or annual Subscription models. In addition, our single pricing model ensures that clients do not pay hidden costs for additional features such as Point Of Sale, Lot Tracking or Multi-currency as an example. We also offer clients additional discounts for migrating from their Legacy Accounting software applications.

Easy to Use & Learn

Our intuitive interface ensures that Palladium Accounting is intuitive and easy to learn, ensuring that new clients are fully operational in no time.


Discover Features Built to Improve Your Business

Features that Increase Turnover

Smart Upselling

Upsell Related Items with the option to auto-prompt at time of sale. This way you can ensure that your Sales team are prompted to recommend complementary items to your clients.

Control Lost Sales

Manage and analyse Lost Sales Quotes with defined Reason Codes per order, allowing you to analyse the real “Opportunity Cost” of running your business, allowing you to take corrective action more proactively.

Integrated Document Management

Send Brochures on the Fly with Emailed Sales Documents, ensuring that your client has all the relevant Information on the products and will be able to make a more informed decision.


Features that Improve Margins

Proactive Margin Control

Change Selling Prices on-the-fly at time of receiving inventory, ensuring that profit margins are maintained and that margins on on-hand inventories are maximised. You can also set this to only change selling prices where prices have increased, optimising margins where prices may have come down.

Purchase Order Approvals

Use the Purchase Order Approval function to authorise all, or selected, Business Purchases from a pricing or quantity point-of-view.

Purchase Price Tolerance

Use the Purchase Price Tolerance function to control Purchase Documents that are outside of the set tolerance of the previous Purchase Price with a management authorisation for approval overrides.

Features that Enhance Operational Efficiency

POD Document Management

Easily add POD’s to any Sales Invoice or Delivery Advice and run reports on open POD’s to identify outstanding POD’s.

Enhanced Cashflow

Increase Cashflow and efficiency by sending copies of outstanding Customer Invoices with emailed Statements.

Copy Document Function

An advanced Document Copy function allows you to copy Sales and Purchase Documents from all other Documents for instant processing. Create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order linking full Customer details at time of Inventory Receiving, allowing for drop-shipment address capabilities.

Connect From Anywhere

Work from anywhere inside or outside the office using our advanced Dynamic Database Connectivity and embedded VPN. No more cables to tie you down.

Zero Downtime

A Stable Solution means zero downtime or lost revenue through Data Corruptions and the additional costs associated with switching to manual solutions.


Why Choose Palladium Accounting?

No Data Corruption

Stable, secure relational SQL databases mean that your data is completely secure and will not be corrupted by unstable technology. With Palladium, you will never have to make a backup before processing transactions ever again.

Not Your Traditional Accounting Software Product

Unlike other accounting software products, Palladium is designed to change behaviour in a business real-time, by Increasing Turnover, Improving Margins and Enhancing Operational Efficiency, rather than only reporting on this at the end of the month when it is often too late.

Latest, Most Secure Technology

Palladium Accounting keeps business and customer information secure through using the latest technology and the ability to restrict user access to only data that is necessary to their role.

Flexible Platform with On-Premises or Hosted (Cloud) Options

Palladium Accounting is flexible and fits with your business and infrastructure, host your data in the cloud or onsite. It’s your choice.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Palladium was designed to optimise the latest features in Microsoft’s SQL Server database with full data authentication and roll backs to guarantee data integrity. This rock-solid stability means that your business always maintains maximum up time. No data corruption means no downtime resulting in no additional consulting costs, no lost staff productivity and no stock loss or duplicate costs from switching to and from manual systems.

Ready to switch to Palladium Accounting?

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