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SUP107 – Container Items

The purpose of this feature is to remind users to add “Container Items” when invoicing bulk items whether at a value or at no charge to manage their Container Inventory. This feature works similarly to Upsell Items where users are reminded
to Invoice or recommend X number of “related items” per Y number of the Primary Item.


To setup Container Items, go to Inventory >> Maintenance and select the Primary Item you wish to assign Container Items to, then proceed to the Container Items Tab. Once you have selected the Container Item, you must then enter the Pack Size with the option to Round Up or Down. In the example below, we have entered a Pack Size of 50. This Pack Size is the Ratio to which One Container Item is Added per Qty of the Primary Item. In the example below, we will recommend One Container per 50 Packs of 2 Kg Tomatoes, and round this up.


This function is available in the Freehand Quotes, Sales Quote, Sales Order and Sales Invoice Functions. The system will Auto-Invoke the Container Item Screen when Creating New Documents, or during the Adjustment process, but is also available at any time using the Container Item button highlighted below. Here you will see that we Invoiced 120 Packs and the system is recommending that we add 3 containers, being the multiple of 50 rounded up.

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