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Palladium Accounting Overview

Learn how Palladium Accounting delivers business value through Increasing Turnover, Improving Margins and Enhancing Operational Efficiency.

Palladium Features

Palladium Accounting is a complete ERP solution for small to mid-sized businesses built to increase turnover, improve margins and enhance operational efficiency.

Palladium Features

Go beyond accounting with complete ERP functionality in one afforadble solution. Palladium includes distribution, Distribution, Projects, Point of Sales, Manufacturing, Accounting, and Fixed Assets without any additional add-ons needed.

Palladium Accounting Overview

Stephen Corrigan, MD of Palladium Business Solutions discusses Palladium Accounting and how it’s complete ERP features provide business value.

Support & Training Videos

Bank Manager

How to use Palladium Accounting’s Bank Manager functionality to import bank statements and allocate payments and receipts.

Microsoft Power BI

Using Microsoft Power BI with Palladium Accounting.

Year-end Procedure

How to process year-end with Palladium Accounting.

Free-hand Quotations

Use Palladium’s free-hand quote feature to generate quotations without having to create a customer.


How to make the most of Palladium’s comprehensive pricelist feature.

Item Weights & Repackaging

This tutorial introduces and demonstrates the functionality of two, of Palladium’s new features, Item Weights & Repackaging.

Delivery Costs

This step-by-step tutorial covers the Delivery Costs feature of Palladium Accounting software.

Container Items

This step-by-step Palladium Accounting software tutorial covers the Container Items function.

Adjust Documents

This tutorial covers the Adjust Document feature of Palladium Accounting software.

Upsell Items

How to use the Upsell Items feature in Palladium to optimise sales.

Warehouse User Access Control

How to set user access control for the Palladium warehouse module.

User Security Settings

Using Palladium’s user security settings to control access and ensure data security.

System Security

How to set up  Palladium’s system security.

General Ledger User Security

How to set up Palladium’s GL user security.